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Hi, I'm Anfieldyee. Welcome to my blog!

If you are first time here, here are some general factsheets about me and the blog:

Fun facts about Anfieldyee

#1 A noob techie girl. 
I'm IT by profession coming from non-IT background. 
I taught techs myself in order to survive through this cruel world. 

#2 Working full-time, studying part-time
At 2019 I decided to officially pursue my IT qualification, and also to experience the best of both world once in my life time. 

#3 Born & lives in Malaysia
Pardon my Malaysian slangs. 

#4 More than 10 years of blogging
Initially the blog talks about my mundane life. Now I focus on information sharing in the areas of technology & working-student life. 

#5 Prefer to express through drawing
I'm better off with illustration. Hope you don't mind my anyhowly self-created comic strip in the post =)

#6 Grammar is my worse enemy! 
Feel free to contact me should you spotted any grammar mistakes.

#7 A Liverpool fan
There's a reason why my name starts with 'Anfield'. 

#8 Major foodie!
All food review and cafe hopping invitations are welcomed.

#9 A child of God
May all glory be to God. 

You can always find me at:
Email: anfieldyee@gmail.com
Facebook: Anfieldyee
Instagram: @anfield.yee
Twitter: @anfieldyee

Thanks for dropping by & your support =)

*Last updated: 27th July 2021

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