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Monday, 7 February 2022

5 Things: January 2022

Happy 2022 & CNY to those who are still here! (LOL)

Wonder if it's an internet or age thing, the length of abandoning my blog grows each year and somehow I feel kinda wasted just to continue with this domain. Due to studies and covid-19 pandemic I haven't had done any traveling nor actively involved in events, product or food reviews like I used to. So basically there's nothing else to blog unless those daily life comics which you already can find elsewhere.

Today's post is actually something new which I adpot the idea from redhongyi site. I thought it's a simplest way to summarize important things that happen for past month in a single post, and also something which I can reflect back in the future. 

So yeah, here goes to the top 5 things I'd like to share that happen in Jan 2022:

1. Upgrade to Windows 11

Took a leap of faith to upgrade WinOS on my Surface Pro. So far liking it except hate that there is no longer Cut, Copy, Paste word. Instead, you need to locate the icon right on top of it (mark in red box). 

In addition, I do notice some lagginess when launching widget and Chat from Microsoft Teams (luckily I don't need Teams for any personal and school-related matters for time being). I hope Microsoft can fix this in the future as I truly like the widget layout.  

2. Getting booster shot

Finally able to get booster appointment right before CNY. Although I'm not consider a high-risk group but having the highly-infectious omicron coming towards you can never be too sure. 

I was horrified when I saw the Christmas crowds in the mall. The booster appointment comes just in time and best of all, I don't need to queue 😁

3. Upgrade to One UI4

Waited for so long to get my Samsung phone updated to One UI4 the moment I saw it released. I love the ability to customize colour of the icon bars, an animated emoticons and building your own face feature!! Other than that, the battery performance is better than previous, although it's still shite while playing PoGO 😂 

The One UI 4 also introduce Device Care which I personally think it comes handly to get a glance through of your phone condition and what needs to be done to ensure your phone stays optimal: if it shows happy face to you means your phone is all good. 

4. Trip to Cameron

A lets-go kind of trip with friend. It was my first time after don't know how many years since I stepped into Cameron. Before we gave you an impression that we have a rather happening itinerary: we didn't go for the Flora Park (RM50 per person?!), Mossy Forest were closed, all trek traits were closed, the coral hill tour we booked were cancelled by the host last minute and there aren't any tour guide willing to take less than 4 of us. All we did was searching anything that's good from Google Reviews or Instagram and off we go. 

You can say it's due to Covid-19 pandemic, that whatever we'd plan beforehand doesn't turn out to be but Thank God for my easy-going travel buddy, we did explore some places that were not on the itinerary at first. Overall I'd a relaxing trip.

Discover Amazon Kindle

Wasn't aware the existence of this technolgy until I saw my travel buddy holding it. #MajorFail A quick google tells me why avid readers prefer to have kindle over tablets or phone. This proves I'm not onto reading hahaha. But I figure it would be a good companion if I'm onto non-fiction books for the sake of my eyes. 

Discover Splitwise

Introduced by my travel buddy to record the travel expense during the trip, and all the app does was to split the expense accordingly so at the end you will know who owes who. This app is a life saver during travelling compare to just record and calculate the expense manually. 

5. Pokemon Legend Arceus

Was released on 28th Jan 2022 and got everyone talking about it, at least within my PoGO community. Initially reluctant to make the purchase due to price and time, I decided to splurge just to see why everyone is excited about it, including those without Nintendo Switch. 

My item is pre-order so I only can get my hands on after this week. Can't wait! 


That's all from my side! Thanks for sticking with me till the end. Wishing you have a Roaring Year and enjoy your remaining CNY with your love ones! 

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