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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Hello MCO 2.0

So the Malaysia Government just announced MCO 2.0, which kick-start last Wednesday. 

To be honest we kind of expected this news, except the state of emergency (aka Darurat) comes in surprise to many. Not sure how the darurat works but days have passed since the declaration of state of emergency and nothing significant has happened, so I guess all is good? LOL.

Compare to the last MCO, which I spent most of my time studying, this MCO will have more ME-TIME since my semester hasn't started yet. Not that I'm against this whole MCO thingy (since I'm still allow to go outside), but the covid-19 figures hasn't been scaled down got me worried. No physical fellowshipping (even the Gov does allows *certain* numbers to gather in the future), no blogging events, it's all back to lockdown life. And sigh, I do actually miss travelling terribly. 

Looks like I probably still have to stay at home more often 6 months from now. Perhaps spending my time to draw more? Update blog more? More scrolling on IKEA catalog? Anywayz, le church had challenged me on laying out the Goals to achieve in year 2021 so I guess I could work on that. 

And oh, should I try making that dalgona coffee that I missed? 

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