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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Work hard, play smart

It's true that the old saying: "Work hard. Play smart."

It's almost hit midnight and here I'm seating in front of my laptop typing this blogpost, reflecting upon my working world journey compare to my student life again. While most of people said that being student is the best role you ever had once you enter into working world, I couldn't help but to agree more. 

It's easier to feel achievable when you are a student: all you have to do is study hard and ace the exams, and you are basically on top of the world (never mind about who is having the highest marks. To me, a HD is a HD). Yeah2 I get it that it wasn't easy to be student nowadays. But I believe that as long as you work hard (or smart) in your studies, you will be fine.  

However, one must noted that work-hard method doesn't apply to working world. There seems to be unspoken rules waiting for you to explore (aka hitting more walls). No matter how hard you work, it's never guarantee that you'll get what you want. Sadly but true story. What makes you think the once score well being in their studies but not performing well in work place? 

Which is why student time is the best day in your whole entire journey! (fist punch to the air)

After years of working, I finally realize that work performance not only judged by how well you carry out your job, but also your personality. Sometimes, your personality > performance. I'm not sure if this is consider late realization, but at this moment I'm feeling disappointed on myself. If only I realize the importance of staying cool at younger age. God knows if am I too late to learn from my mistake...

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