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Thursday, 30 July 2020

My Agenda for Long Holiday

Not sure why as I grew older, preferably spending my free time just laze around at home.
(Getting more lifeless on me spending long holiday that doesn't come often lol)

Thanks to this long holiday, I can catch up those movies that I've been longing to watch: Kingsman 2, Frozen 2, here I comeee!

As I shared to my fellow friends yesterday while they pop up the question, for this upcoming long holiday I just want to take the opportunity to laze around before the hectic week starts. 
Ever since RMCO started my work has been piling up due to many factors contributed to it. 
Thus, instead of planning where to go or ticking those to-do list that saved in my phone, I just want to have my me time and not doing anything at least one of the days, or maybe all the days.

It's such a bless that Malaysia has ample of public holiday in a year! XD

Additionally, I view this as rechargeable moment before my semester starts.
For those who know me, yes I'm back as student again, but this time as part-time. 
In the other words, I'm full-time working but part-time studying master. 
Will share more deeds in my next post regarding my decision on continue to study. 

Till then y'all, enjoy the long holiday (that if you are in Malaysia)!
And oh before I forgot, to my Muslim friends - Selamat Hari Raya Haji!! Stay safe to those that need to return home! 

(Continue movie-ing...)

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