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Friday, 24 July 2020

30 years of waiting

Liverpool FC - Premier League 2019/20 Champions!

Woke up at 4am today and turn on the Free Streaming, just to make sure I don't miss the Premier League Trophy ceremony at Anfield (even though I've to first watch Liverpool vs Chelsea match). It has been 6 weeks since Liverpool FC are confirmed Premier League 2019/20 Champions, and I can't wait to celebrate this moment together virtually. 

It has been 30 years since Liverpool FC last won the English league title. Although I started get to know this football club since 2002, I've been waiting to see this moment for my entire life. Pretty sure many Liverpool fans out there do share the same sentimental as I do, typically those whom supporting this football club since day 1. 

For a moment I though season 2008/09 was so closed, since the team was packed with promising team (most of them won us Champions League 2005 trophy). Who would've thought that they slipped and ended up at second place. Few years down the road, I thought we could finally touch the trophy at season 2013/14, but a Gerrard's slip shattered this dream. And last season, I thought this team can finally win us the trophy, but they bottled up in January and Man City snatch that trophy away with just 1 points ahead of us.  

Three hopeful attempts, three different seasons under three different managers but no avail result. Sound like not even God wants this football club to win their domestic cup. 

In fact, due to Covid-19 pandemic this season was almost come to declare as null and void. Before the virus outbreak, I thought this season will be our final year: the team is superb, table stand looked promising, literally no team able to chase us (we're talking about 20 points gab between us and 2nd place yo!), we were happy that she (premier league trophy) is coming home! But Covid-19 hits and the season has been put on hold since April 2020 with uncertainty on whether to continue carry on this season or not.

At that moment I asked God why? Why it's so hard for Liverpool to win this darn Premier League trophy? It's not even as prestigious like the UEFA Champions League, why can't they just have it?

Fast forward, the null and void didn't come true as the BOD has decided to continue season 2019/20 but as closed door: team can continue to play football but without fans around cheering with them. Sounds like a bummer but looking at the bright side, a chance that Liverpool can finish the business by ending this 30 years of waiting and bring the Premier League trophy back to Anfield. 

In the other words, as Liverpool supporter we don't need to wait anymore. 

The whole ceremony took place this morning and it went well, or so it seems because I view from LIVE stream. Nevertheless, I can feel the emotion and passionate each and everyone shown on their face. I tear when Jordan Henderson lifted the trophy. It's the moment I've been waiting for my entire life, and finally the dreams come true. 

The only major drawback is that there were no fans celebrate with them. Imagine the atmosphere if the fans were with them...

Reminds me few years ago I once told my friend, whom happens to be a MU fan, that even if cost me 50 years of waiting until I witness this moment, I will! Through my years as Liverpool supporter and after 3 unsuccessful attempts, I thought I really do need to wait for 50 years (or even more). But now, that word can end up with sweet moment, that finally I do not need to wait anymore and proceed to #lansi with my fellow rival fans (Muahaha).

Many had asked why am I still supporting Liverpool FC, which obviously I don't talk about football 24/7? Honestly, I don't know and I am equally amazed myself that until to this date, I'm still supporting this football club that's not even originated from Malaysia. Even my blog, social media, pokemon go account has 'Anfield' associated with. I guess I'm just inspired by their philosophy of never give up, and their appreciation towards their supporters. These aspects are very important in life. Even with all these years of supporting, the vibe is still there and I absolutely like it. 

Hopefully this kind of vibes will continue as long as Liverpool FC still exit. But now... tell the whole world that we are Liverpool FC - Champions of England! 

Now, isn't she look absolutely amazing with red ribbons?

Full reviews will be coming up once I sorted out my media findings. This post is just to self-hype XD
Now... where are those lifting trophy ceremony videos?

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