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Sunday, 18 August 2019

【HEALTH】Mintox Detox - the result after 12 weeks

So this post is about the result I promise to share after it first introduced in my blogpost.

To be honest, when I first took it on my first week, I purge alot, like ALOT! As if having all the toxic accumulated in my body throughout these years being flush out to the toilet bowl (and paying frequent visit to the toilet during working hour lol).

On the week 6-7, I started noticing on how radiant my skin turns out to be, and perhaps some weight lost. I feel lighter on my body, much better compare to before taking mintox.

However, the weight lost didn't continue its glorious moment when it hit week 12, as I gain back some weight during my Japan trip lol. Talk about controlling diet.

Perhaps some short moment I can proud of XD
Taken during week 7.

Nevertheless, the effect from Mintox did bring positive impact on my body throughout the 12 weeks of consumption. I feel my body much lighter, and better. Maybe I just have to control my diet well to see the most effective result.

For that, I highly recommend this product to those whom need their body to undergo detox. Not only it's healthy to consume, you will experience the positive side-effect on your body. Give your body another chance for some "deep cleaning"! :)

That's all from my sharing! I hope it helps. Now... how should I control my diet? LOL.

To know more about Mintox, feel free to visit their following website and facebook page:

WEB: http://www.mintox.kiwi
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/

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