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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Jet Lag

And here I thought that I've suffered enough Jet Lag from my previous work trip, or my aftermath trip back from Melbourne. Little did I know that how serious this Jet Lag hit me, till it lasted for days after I'm back from Europe trip early this week.

After 3 days of adjusting sleep hour and napping, I'm feeling muchhhhh better now. Albeit feeling a little tired from time to time. (Sorry you have to excuse me cuz this is my first ever long-distance flight, and longest time zone differences I've ever encountered thus far HAHAHA)

Back to main topic. My humbly apologize for abandon blog, facebook and social media as I took long hiatus from blogging + social medias due to travelling to Bangkok on August and Europe this month. I thought I need a rest and these two trips came in kinda impromptu way, as if God hinted to me that I need to put aside all things and go for a nice holiday muahaha!

Bangkok was a smooth and relaxing trip since I've been there 2 times. Hence, it's not difficult for me to roam around. All I need was stick to the itinerary and I'm done XD Some people was asking me why always go to Bangkok but not other places in Thailand? Not sien meh you? Buttttttt, tom yum, salted fish and massage are calling me urgently! Where else but Bangkok can get all these in most cheapest and convenient way?

As for Europe, many things has changed.

I don't know how to put this in words, but it feel like a dream knowing that I just came back from Europe. Feeling so blue that I'm back to the place where traffic-jam, pariah public transport system, cheap-RM notes and catching those Malaysia Pokemons. As cliché as it may sound, never ever in my wildest dream that I get to visit Europe! I mean, I do love to visit one day, but I didn't expect it came so fast cuz I always thought I will be going to Japan first then Europe later lol. It has been a whirlwind journey to explore Europe for the first time in 5 different countries, with our own.

Not that it's new to the internet world but, I'm glad that we made it through. Though our itinerary isn't the best you can find out there stuffed with last-minute plan.

Exploring Europe for the first time by your own isn't easy and it expose many of my weakness point on planing and preparation, yet I was blown away with their rich-in-history and cultural, plus list of real travel scams you read online that happened right in front of your eyes. I never realize I feel so strong about Europe after embarking this trip. Not only allows me to learn so much about Europe, myself, my relationship with the family and life, it's an eye-opening and self-realization experience that no ever book can fill up all these stories.

My heart blooms with mixed feeling whenever I think about Europe from time to time, and I can't wait to share my Europe trip right here. But first, let me brain storm for a while and recovering from Jet Lag. Here's Anfieldyee signing off zzZ


  1. wow, looking forward for your sharing! take care girl~

    1. Thanks Angel! I will try to present it as creative as I can ^^


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