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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

【BEAUTY】 Lash Bar @ Midvalley Megamall

Today's post is something unusual, which I'm gonna talk about eye lashes that I recently found in Mid Valley:

Lash Bar

Lash bar is a local brand specialized in eye lashes and brush. However, the materials were originally source from Korea, Taiwan & China, rest assure the products outcome are high in quality and safe, comfy for the consumer to use.

They sold variety choice of eye lashes, which may makes you difficult to choose what's best for your. Nevertheless, the ground staff there are very attentive to your queries, to make sure which type of eye lashes that best suits you.

Here are a few types recommended by the staff:

Natural Hair Eye Lashes 

(RM 50 - 55 per box)

Made out of 100% natural hair, this eye lashes is incredibly soft & light in weight so you won't feel discomfort while wearing it.

Fibre Hair Eye Lashes

(RM 30 per box)

Designed by their own brand, the fibre hair is another great choice apart from getting Natural Hair. The feel of its material is as soft as the natural hair, which gives comfy feel to your eyes while wearing it.

Mink Hair Eye Lashes

(RM 30 per box)

A popular choice for Malays and Indians due to its high volume of hair. With the touch of make up, this soft eye lashes will result feeling big on your eyes and you won't feel itchy while wearing it.

Nylon Hair Eye Lashes 

(RM 8 per box)

 If you are looking for an economy way, they also sells in piece for you to DIY your own eye lashes in relatively reasonable price.

Besides eye lashes, another Lash Bar's product highlights are their brushes, range from RM 9 - RM 111 per stick. Every brushes are made in high quality with range from human made, goat, horse or squirrel hair, giving its incredibility soft feel on your skin.

This squirrel hair are Lash Bar's best seller. I find it much softer compare to the other hair types.

So I took back home for a try out. The fibre hair eye lashes are my hand pick, simply because I've a small eyes with little lashes, and I'm not fancy on having a big volume of lashes. Moderate is good enough for me. 

To my uttermost surprise, the lashes were incredibly soft in touch & feeling comfortable while wearing it. It's not like the usual hard-material brand that you can find at Pasar Malam.

And it does wonder things on my eyes!

I feel I had a reborn eyes! LOL

Do come to Lash Bar at Mid Valley to get your choice of eye lashes with the help of expertise. And good news for Kiple user, as Lash Bar is officially in collaboration with Kiple. Upon the first sign up, just use their code to get additional RM 5 off. On top of that, you can also enjoy instant 10% rebate on every transaction: StoreValue and KipleKash rebate is as good as cash with a simple 1:RM1 equivalent that beats other reward/loyalty programs.

Feel free to use this link to download Kiple --> http://bit.ly/lbafyee

Lash Bar (Mid Valley Branch)
LG-C6, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

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