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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

【FOOD】 BBQ Chicken @ Kelana Jaya

You might have heard about BBQ chicken but Imma gonna introduce again with some star dishes I'd tried the other day.

- FOOD -

Sous-Vide Chicken Salad

Fresh vegetables paired with tender sous-vide chicken breast, a perfect choice for the weight-watchers!

A perfect choice to boost up your appetite for chicken dinner!

Kimchi Jjigae

A bbq's own recipe kimchi-topped rice with marinated grilled chicken of your choice.

Kimchi Deopbap (Original Barbeque) -- RM 16.90
Kimchi Deopbap (Korean Charbroiled) - RM 17.90

Love how toufu were blended well with its kimchi soup! 

Kanjang Wings

Crispy wings thoroughly coated with BBQ's soybean and garlic sauce.

5pcs --  RM 14.90
10pcs - RM 28.50
20pcs - RM 51.90

A healthy, and tasty choice of chicken wing, if you are not opts for others.

You can pair with Kimchi Jjigae as dinner. Great suggestion by the chef.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap

BBQ's kimchi fried rice topped with egg, marinated grilled chicken of your choice and fresh salad.

Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Original Barbeque) --  RM 17.90
Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Korean Charbroiled) - RM 18.90

Look at how juicyyy the meat turns out to be!

Kimchi Deopbap

A bbq's own recipe kimchi-topped rice with marinated grilled chicken of your choice.

Kimchi Deopbap (Original Barbeque) --  RM 16.90
Kimchi Deopbap (Korean Charbroiled) - RM 17.90

You've got to stir to give the best taste out of it!

Ganjeong Chicken

Selected chicken parts coated with a distinctive Korean Gangjeong sauce that gives a sweet and sour taste not to be missed by Korean fried chicken lovers!

6pcs   -- RM 17.50
Half   -- RM 31.90
Whole - RM 59.90

Don't worry, this chicken won't make you feel "gan jeong" (nervous in chinese) #nopunintended

Golden Chicken

Tender and juicy chicken meat prepared with the most delicious recipe of 30 natural spices

2pcs   -- RM 15.90
Half   -- RM 29.50
Whole - RM 55.90

My favourite dish of the night!!

Crispy, tender, juicy and of course, spicy in taste. Who wants to accept the challenge?!

My verdict: I love how the chickens were prepared on the plate. Every bits and pieces were specially marinated with their famous sauce, lingering inside my mouth to ensure not feeling dry while consuming it.

BBQ chicken has a total of 14 outlets in Malaysia: 4 outlets in KL, 5 outlets in Selangor, 2 outlets in Penang & Sabah as well as 1 outlet in Sarawak. The one I went for is located at Kelana Jaya, a strategic location PJians to dine in. :)

BBQ Chicken
Ground Floor, No. 6A-1, Jalan SS6/6,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour:
12pm - 9pm Weekday
1pm - 9pm Saturday

Closed on Public Holiday
*Offers Free Delivery


BBQ Chicken also offers KIPLE service, a mobile payments app that allows you to pay.earn.save.repeat. You can download the app via ​​http://bit.ly/bbqcafy.

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