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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Misfortune Overdose

That's, the summary of my September 2016.

With PC down (even though it was fixed back 1 week later) comes with right-hand injury. I could've sworn it's harder to use your preferable hand to draw!

And that's my summary of October 2016.

Misfortune Overdose: PC Breakdown -> Right-hand injury -> Sick -> Back Pain
Now: Handphone down

How do I blog liddattt? T______T

Throwback to another misfortune that happened a day before my birthday here.

To those whom I've collaborated with: 

I'm terribly sorry to delay all my promise I've made to you initially. Now things has become stable and I tried my best to deliver what I've owe you as soon as possible!

Your support is my motivation to continue comic blogging! Do follow my page for daily updates! 💜💜

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