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Saturday, 22 October 2016

What you can do at Nights of Fright 4 2016?

sunway lagoon halloween 2016

Yup, the most fearful month aka the Halloween is finally here! As though the whole Klang Valley has been flooded with all kinds of Halloween merchandise, Sunway Lagoon seeks this opportunity to turn themselves into full of spooky, horror atmosphere when the night kicks in!

Last year I'd the opportunity to review Nights of Fright 3. I was alone to explore around and got scared at mid way hence I didn't able to cover all of the activities. But this time, all thanks to Go Comm's wonderful arrangement, I get to explore Nights of Fright 4 with my friends so thank you!! You made my this year's NOF4 experience full of excitement! ;)

Since I probably would ended up blog someway similar like what I'd reviewed in last year, I thought this time I should list down the things to do so you won't make your piece of RM 58 worth of ticket being flushed down the drain. So If my post does helps you to enjoy NOF4, you're much welcomed!

Well, it cost RM 58 per pax. But trust me, you'll have even more!

Yep, Ghosts are EVERYWHERE!

Except for this, where Khun Pu wants to be part of being too ghosty.


And of course, they are available for selfie with you!

It was scary at first as it's normal for humans to fear for the unknowns. But you'll eventually enjoy being scared!

Some bloggers recommended to visit this place if you want a paling-max scary level and the three of us thought it was OK.

Nonetheless, this is our favourite --- Malaya High School. Short, but does make my heart pump faster. Makes me think back my high school days! *sniff*

As the old one says: Never Judge the Book by its cover!
You can skip this as there ain't interesting stuff inside.

But not for Kevil Industrie. You literally can't see where you're heading to and that's the best part for the ghost to scare you off!

Still, I think Ghostbuster beats them all! Advice to visit this before you go for others!
(as it's always long queue)

And if you'd enough of being stucked in the haunted house after various visit to the others, try DIYU!

Or visit London Fog to meet Jack the Ripper?

Or maybe see how Ah Wing slaughters his stuff is far more exciting? 

There are 11 night amusement ride operated throughout the time. For some reason all these rides are somehow associated with screaming and shouting.

Reminds me of how I fear of riding the dragon boat!

Since you're here, be the vampire day and drink the blood bank. I'm sure you'll be as satisfied as mosquitoe!

Wanna taste my blood?

You're almost welcome to chill over at Scream cafe! Except, it was full of pumpkins.

Or maybe just drop by at some pop-up store?

The fortune teller seems very popular among the visitors. I should've ask more detail on how I can become rich!

Every half-an-hour there'll be a performance performed by different types of ghost. Perhaps the ghost would love to come out to play?

What ya want?

At Temple of Anubis, where the Eyptians Ghost are going to light up this place!

Scare - O - Sel, the stage where meant to scare you LOL!

(Click on the image for full view)

Imagining the area covered is 1/3 of Sunway Lagoon, you don't expect to come at 930pm and visiting them all right?

With just RM 58 and adequate amount of time allocated (7.30pm - 11.30pm), it's just enough to cover everything to spikes up your halloween experience.

And I mean, everything!

Sunway lagoon nights of fright 4

Throwback to last year's Sunway Lagoon's Night of Fright 3 here!

Night of Fright 4 @ Sunway Lagoon

Date: Every Fri - Sun, 7-31 October 2016
Time: 7.30pm - 11.30pm
Admission Fee: RM 58 per pax
3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

*This post is written in collaboration with Go Comm.

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