【Post-Event】 I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre - You'll Never Wander Alone


Sunday, 30 October 2016

【Post-Event】 I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Harlo I'm back!

Today's post has no comic, as I'm gonna talk about the "I Love Coffee & Tea Expo" post-event I promised to show you guys:

Mid valley coffee and tea expo

My verdict on this? I want to come back again!!

Throughout my approximately 2 hours of touring around, I've been spoiled with many choices of Coffees and Teas during this exhibition. From samples to promotions, this expo is like a piece of heaven in the earth for Coffee / Tea Lovers!

Regrettably due to work, I've missed out most of the major events, which is kinda sad. I was so looking forward to have my portrait painted by Vivian Lee! (cry)

Still, I'd fun enjoying myself busying sampling and getting to know the traders' product well. I'm glad to be able to learn some coffee (and tea) shared by those traders who are extremely patient to us while entertaining our questions.

Here are the traders' booth that we visited on that day:

#1 Three Bear Dutch Coffee

Sailing all the way from Korea, the founder using coffee-dripper method to ensure the cleaniness and pureness of its coffee produced.

It best consumed while it's cold, giving its chilling yet retaining the strong aromatic flavour to our taste.

The founder of 3B Dutch Coffee - Will Jung

I was really impressed with the architectures of its coffee-drippers. It's like working as scientist in the lab, researching and producing the best quality of coffee in town.

With this complexity of drippers he owned, Will must have invested huge effort to bring out the best of a coffee.

#2 Cafebond

So... I was hearing that Australia's Best Coffee will be coming to Malaysia!

Which is a new thing to me cuz I never heard of this brand (it's either I didn't explore Australia's coffee that much or I've left that country for quite long!)

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to sample their coffee starting from this coming Nov, since you know, Australia is well-known of its great coffee.

Do visit cafebond.com to check for updates!

#3 Mister Coffee

Another great coffee spotted on!

There were samples available so I took a zip of it and felt in love with its strong coffee taste right away. Mister Coffee is my new found love brand and I'm looking forward to try more!

On top of that, its coffee comes with filter bag, allowing for smooth brewed cup of coffee, dispensed easily and left little/no mess behind!

Besides comes with drippers, Mister Coffee also sell in 3-in-1 and Tea! But first, let me taste their coffee lol.

#4 Essenso

A coffee by Super, how could I not missed it?

Using 100% Arabica coffee bean as its main ingredient, this which comes with professional-look package is worthy to add into your basket list.

#5 Coffee Origins

Spotted a vintage yet cutey-kind concept of Cafe!

This mocktail which has its cute doodles caught my attention. Instead of the content that I ought to pay attention to, my eyes was focus more on the doodles lolol.

However, the staff was friendly to explain to us the goodness of taking this mocktail. It made out of organics and best for detoxification.

Though I was attracted by the doodles, I find its child mocktail refreshing! A perfect drink on hot weather.

#6 Mankind

Being introduced this as best place to source for good coffee, affordable coffee equipments or barista training classes.

Do check out their website to find out more: www.mankindglobal.com

#7 Liselle Tea

Another store which caught my attention! Sorry comic blogger are more prone to doodles. XD

Liselle Tea comes with this cute packages, which I reckon a perfect gift for any functions!

Besides tea, it also sells variety choice of merchandise that you can consider to add into your own collection (or as a gift).

Liselle Tea was founded by a talented local artist -- Lisa Lee. How I wish I can meet her in person?

#8 Huang Chen Hao Tea Art

For tea lovers, surely you would love this!

Hand-brew tea using different kinds of tea & roasted method with absolute no processes, you can purchase the purest tea right here from Huang Chen Hao Tea Art.

The Master here shows us how to brew tea in traditional method as well as sharing his knowledge on everything about tea. I learned a few techniques on how to enjoy a good cup of tea, too!

Look how refining the colour is! Thank you for your Puer tea.

#9 Pure Caffee Tea

Looking for a good quality of coffee machine for your household? Look no further on Pure Caffee Tea, which has variety choices of coffee machines imported from Italy!

From coffee tea capsules to bean grinder, Pure Caffee Tea has its all!

Plus, it comes with affordable price range: from RM 3.8k for coffee tea capsules & from RM 8.8k for coffee bean. It looks like yours truly' dream of having a mini coffee bar in the house is possible!

 For more information on Pure Caffee Tea, do check up their website: www.purecaffetea.com

That's all, folks! Hopefully next year there will be another expo on this. And I won't miss for the world even though I'm stuck with my current project! Always mad excited to see how these baristas / tea master brew their beverage to the finest level!

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