October 2016 Week 40 Update - You'll Never Wander Alone


Saturday, 15 October 2016

October 2016 Week 40 Update

Today's topic is about my FB page weekly update shout out, which...I don't have a proper introduction LOL.

The story is like this: I was being encouraged by my ji mui bloggers: Kakalina Stella, that I should actively promote my comics on my facebook page, be it on old or new comic. At least I should keep myself active to my readers, rather than waiting for the right moment to share, as it'll potentially losing readers like how it happen on my Chinese Blog.

Time is money indeed, same concept applies to blogger world.

And I thought it's a good idea, since I've gradually been caught up with work. If not, sooner. If just post at least a singular comic post on daily basis. which helps me to keep connect with my fellow friends/readers, it won't hurt much right?

I've been doing this since July 2016: posting my daily comic updates on FB, by on and off basis (this speaks how lousy blogger I am). But I thought I should keep a record somewhere. Hence, here's the very first post about my FB weekly update, which also started on week 40 😂

The FB weekly updates post will be done on my blog starting from today. However, the real updates will be done on daily basis on yours truly FB page.

Title          : October 2016 Week 40 Update
Timeline : 3rd - 9th October 2016
Source     : www.facebook.com/anfieldyee

3rd October 2016

The only rare days where your Monday is Public Holiday!
Don't ask me what's the occasion, even I myself also lost count #MalaysiaPHRules

4th October 2016

The very rare occasion where your Monday is PH but Tuesday is not!

6th October 2016

McD Nanoblocks! You betta don't sell out so fast!

8th October 2016

I really didn't meant to forget you, October!!

Missing: 5th, 7th, 9th October
Reason : Back Pain. Need more time to rest (Err)

I hope with all these approach, you guys will know that I'm still alive at blogging world and have never thought of forsaken you! 😂😂

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