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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Dutch Lady, your No.1 Milk for your Breakfast

I must admit, that I've been skipping milk as my breakfast ever since I've entered to work force. Despite knowing that Milk bring heaps of benefit to our body, especially it's the best pairing beverage for your breakfast, I'm used to have a cup of coffee at the morning and I'm prepare for my work. #worklifeproblem

Having Dutch Lady Milk reminds me of my childhood memories whereby I'd happily consumed milk every morning. Without the doubt, I've been consuming Dutch Lady ever since young and until now it's still my No.1 choice!

Apart from that, it cures my recent developed lactose intolerance problem.

Recently I've been taken up 7 Days Breakfast Challenge with Dutch Lady Milk, which I humbly accepted without hesitation. Partly is because I'm adamant to have a refreshing start day at work, to be back to having milk while I kick-start my day and most importantly to have a healthier breakfast meal.

Another thing is I'm attracted to the picture above lol. Isn't that wonderful to enjoy milk early in the morning with your family?

After I registered to be part of this challenge, the following lovely box arrives at my doorstep the next morning:

Attached with a lovely card and ribbon.

and breakfast box courtesy from Dutch Lady Malaysia! Thank you!!

So I'm given a task to post my next 7 days of Breakfast with Dutch Lady Milk, and here's my result:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

So, does this inspires you to have a "luxurious" breakfast with Dutch Lady Milk? =)

*This post is written in collaboration with Dutch LadyBridges PR.

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