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Monday, 10 October 2016

Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Review


This post is written for GIRLS so if you're a GUY feel free to skip reading this post. TQVM.

Like the girls illustrated above, I'm extra choosy on the right sanitary pad after hearing horror stories about how an unhygienic sanitary pad could bring health problem to us.

As such, many sanitary pad brand in the market has since move towards to promote safe and comfortably to the consumer. Amez Care, which recently introduced to me, aiming to provide safe and comfort quality to the consumer which enhances their health and comfortably level.

My first impression on Amez Care is their charming package. I never came across such cute, petite design which captured all girlish elements.

In market there are a total 4 products available for sell. However, the following 3 suits for daily use during your menstruating:

[Review] Its super tin, soft layer gave me high comfortably to move around.

[Review] While I'm having a whole-day meeting, its Shield Bacteria Wrapping prevents me from any unnecessary inconvenience.

[Review] Its Ultra Thin Super Absorbent layer gave me a piece of mine for my sleep.

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*This post is written in collaboration with AmezCare.

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  1. Hi Anfieldyee. Nice reading your review on Amez. I've tried & I like the feeling of the non-existence of it😁
    Anyway, I bought from their online store via ang get points to redeem US supplements.
    Thanks again. Cheers!


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