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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

TOKB Cafe @ Avenue D' Vogue, Section 13 Petaling Jaya

Even for a History lover like me wouldn't know the Kota Bharu was invaded before the famous Pearl Harbour attack. Not until I visited TOKB cafe. -__-

Looks like it's time for me to refresh my history knowledge, or else I'm done with my Dad! (He's an avid history person and I probably ended up being lectured by him throughout the day)

Put aside, today I'd like to introduce one of the recent food review I attended. Located at my beloved PJ area, here comes Malaysia's first military concept cafe serves up affordable Kelantanese fare -- TOKB Cafe!

war themed cafe PJ

Situated at the Ground Floor of Avenue D' Vogue, TOKB Cafe just had its grand opening on the 28th May 2016 and already grab much attention among their neighborhood. Being the Petaling Jaya's latest eatery and the nation's very first military-concept cafe, I think concept is too unique not to pay attention about it.

I was greeted by this long dining table where all of these Kelantan delights were nicely wrapped and placed on top of it. It looks like a feast prepared for hungry soldiers who just finished their battle.

The right-hand side was the bar corner.

The decos here were all associated with military.

As I entered to their main hall:

I was blown away by its set up: I feel like I'm at the war zone!

I reckon this hall is mainly cater for caterings or big events.

The Menu. Aren't they look like some battle masterplan? XD

Some military history for your pleasure reads. 

Even their toilets are spacious!

If first floor is not enough to cater a huge group of hungry soldiers, they have second floor! 

Found these little mannequins along the stairway. How cute!

You're entering the second floor zone!

This looks like a mayor's seat XD

The big feast on that day to await the arrival of hungry soldiers bloggers.

After browsing through much of my photos here, you might be asking what's all these connection between military concept and TOKB. What is the story behind all these?

As mentioned in my first and second comic script, the invasion of Japanese on the city of Kota Bharu before Pearl Harbour's attack is not well known to the nation, not even our dear Sejarah had mentioned this point to us! By using this concept, TOKB wish to take this opportunity to emphasize such important fact to the nation and appreciate the important role Kota Bharu has played in the early years.

TOKB Cafe focuses on serving authentic Kelantanese dishes, created and prepared by one of their head chef -- Kak Ma. Proudly cooking the traditional recipes passed down through the generations from her ancestors, she has been sharing her dishes in a small stall for over 30 years. Many of the ingredients used at TOKB cafe are imported from Kota Bharu.

I've been to Kota Bharu once for business trip, and missing their local delights terribly. The strong, aromatic and authentic smell of Kelantan delights were stuck in my mind, however, it wasn't easy to find such taste at PJ. I'm glad that TOKB cafe took the effort to bring Kelantan flavours all the way from Kota Bharu. To be able to fix my Kelantan food cravenness right here, I couldn't be more happier!

Although I can always book a ticket to fly over to Kota Bharu, but that was too much hassle.

Let the feast begin!

I'm glad to be part of this food review. It opens up what I've been missing and also learned up some other kind of Kelantanese delights that I never know its existence.

#1 Teh Atom - RM 9

#2 Signature Nasi Kerabu - RM 23

#3 Nasi Rocket - RM 19.90

#4 Laksam - RM 13.90

#5 Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak - RM 14.50

#6 Ayam Masak Merah - RM 12

#7 Ikan Keli Paprik - RM 12

#8 Gulai Udang - RM 17.50

#9 Ayam Goreg Perempah - RM


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