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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sweet Hut @ Kuchai Lama

If you are a dessert fans, I'm sure you've heard about Sweet Hut, a local dessert specialist chain store which the desserts are made by Hong Kong chefs with more than 20 years of experience.

The name “Sweet Hut” is come from the homonyms of “Sweet Heart”. By using the name, we are trying to tell everyone that our shop is filled with desserts by the word Sweet and also a lovel & comfortable ambience that cover with “Hearts” which is suitable for couples & desserts lover. 
 - from www.sweethuts.com

I've known its existence of being famous in dessert for quite some time. Hence, when I heard about its partnership with U-Mobile (I'm an UMobile user tho) which offers promotional price at the month of July 2016, I attended the food review organized by KetchUp right away!

Desserts sampled on that day:

#1 D4 Durian Pancake (2pcs) - RM 11.80

When this served on the table, the D4 durian smells just spread all over the place instantly! I'm pretty sure those durian lovers will be freak out over this.

#2 Durian - RM 13.80

Another star durian dish which has the smoothest ice that instantly melt inside your mouth! Pairing with the jelly beside, an overall happy dish that makes you walk away with satisfying smile. (That if, you are a Durian fans)

#3 Caramel Pudding with Milk - RM 13.80

Caramel is my favourite. Topped with oreo crumb, it makes the whole ice-cream taste crumbilicious~

#4 Caramel Pudding & Coconut Jelly - RM 16.80

You will be surprised to find caramel pudding, coconut jelly and coconut milk flavour just within this small coconut shell!

#5 Black Glutinous Rice - RM 8.80

This dish warms my stomach while it was hot. I reckon the best choice to have it during raining day!

#6 Chocolate Lava Cake - RM 14.80

One of Sweet Hut's signature dish. Please allow 15-20 minutes for preparation. 

#7 Ice-Cream Waffle - RM 13.80

Comes with 3 different flavour of ice-cream served together with warm waffle. While pairing it with the waffle, it doesn't melts quickly while consume it, to allow yourself enjoy the texture of waffle being soaked with ice-cream. 

#8 Redbean & Ice Cream Waffle - RM 13.80

That green tea ice-cream was the boom! To taste for great flavour, it has to consume together with redbeans and waffle. 

#9 Steam Papaya & Egg White - RM 34.80

Not fancy with ice-cream / waffles? Perhaps a bowl of papaya may satisfied your dessert experience at Sweet Hut!

#10 Black Sesame (L)/ Peanut (R) Glutinous Ball (5 pcs) - RM 8.50 

Personally I prefer the black sesame as peanut was kinda sweet to me. Love how the firm texture of glutinous ball they served here!

#11 Mini Egg Tart (5 pcs) - RM 6.50

Egg tarts are best eaten when it just came out from the oven. The hard but slight soggy base support its warm, buttery filling, warms up your entire mouth despite being the mini version.

Happy Dessert = Happy Me!

While there was a saying that when you read the word "stressed" from back way, it turns out to become "dessert"! I thought Sweet Hut is such a sweet place to make customer feel sweet and being loved, by pampering them with all kinds of innovative, yummilicious desserts!

With the durian season kicks in, the chef is probably working hard to come out a new durian dessert to capture the consumer's rekindle heart, especially those durian lovers!

Sweet Hut
19-G, Kuchai Dynasty Central,
Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7971 4701
Business Hour: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am (Daily)

*This post is written in collaboration with KetchUp.

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