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Monday, 11 July 2016

Summary of EURO 2016

Not sure if anyone of you here feel the same way as I do, but indeed this year's EURO is full of question mark. As if the football world is undergoing a huge reformation (If the top best 3rd place of group stage can consider for the knockout stage, seriously that could save LOTS of potential teams back then!!).

Not only that, I do feel the entire EURO 2016's atmosphere is rather...tame. It's as if I don't feel the existence of EURO at all, which is kinda sad. I was hopping to find kakis to have a heat arguments. Not after my beloved Germany team got kicked out, I don't really looking forward who is gonna win tonight.

Guess God just want me to concentrate my blog stuff before I sent my PC back to the center again (yes, it looks like it'll gonna KO any time. Thanks, ASUS), or remind me to sleep earlier because I'll have a busy week ahead at work (OH NUUUUUUUUU).

Still, I'd be feeling sad that EURO comes to an end. No sports can excite Anfieldyee except FOOTBALL! Sigh, why do football tournament ended so fast?

Tomorrow morning is the EURO 2016 FINAL, where France will take on Portugal. WHO WILL WIN? Honestly, it's not of my business lol! So please don't drag me along with your "which team will win tonight" discussion, I just wanna have a peaceful sleep tonight!

But I hope it'll be an happy ending match lah.

May the best team wins!

Good bye, EURO 2016! Even though this year you're kinda boring, I'll still remember you together with the England leaves EU news! Not a good combination, but that's where the hot news caught my attention more than the football lol.

This probably the last tournament for England National Team. Well, not that it'll be my business but it will be an exciting news to follow up on the fate of England's and England's football clubs. I hope nothing damage be done to my most beloved Liverpool FC! #prayhard  

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