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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Svenson, Your Hair Care Expert

It has been a while now since my hair lost problem started, and it has started ever since I entered the working force. Not trying to boast here or anything but I was born with thick hair where I thought I don’t have any hair lost, not until recently. It frightens me a lot whenever I look at the amount of hair lost I’ve got.

Not until I found out that environment (unhealthy diet/lifestyle or stress) could contribute to our hair lost problem. Looks like I’ve been facing lots of stress from work place eh? (who doesn’t?)

Which is why I was trilled when I was invited to try out one of the treatments by Svenson Hair Center:

You may have heard about Svenson but in case you don’t, they are one of the leading professional hair care centers in the world with a renowned history spanning over five decades. First established in London back at 50s, Svenson is globally renowned as the leader in hair and scalp care programmes, providing effective and innovative hair loss solutions, using the most advanced technologies.

Supported by an international group of highly experienced and professionally qualified trichologists, Svenson’s hair loss programmes combine the most effective mix of revolutionized research findings from these group. With their professional & experience in hair & scalp analysis + treatment, customers in Svenson are able to enjoy their customization programme to help you solve your hair problems!

To this date, Svenson centers are found in 7 countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand & Brunei.

I thought it was a great session to meet different bloggers from other path. Each of us share our own hair problem that day before we got to meet the experts aka consultant of the day, for our scalp analysis.

Basically here are the Hair & Scalp Treatment Services by Svenson (obtain from the website):

As much as you can gather the information from the website, I’d think it’s the best to go for their scalp analysis before you decide which treatment to take. Hence, talk to the consultant of the day to find out your real hair problem, let them help you to choose the appropriate Hair & Scalp Treatment.

Everyone, meet Ms Deborah Whelan, the consultant of the day!

I always thought that having dandruff is the root cause of my hair drops. But never would I’ve thought that despite being blessed with thick, heavy hair, it can actually be a ‘curse’. Unless I treat it with proper care, it can lead me to more hair lost in the future. (Which it would be my worse nightmare)

So I was introduced with Svenson Oxy DH Therapy, a treatment that meant for Dandruff, Oily & Itchy Scalp. Just what I needed!

Continue Q&A session with Ms Deborah.

Happy bloggers with happy Scalp Analysis result!

So with much anticipation, I went for the treatment to at Damansara Uptown Branch:

The interiors are pretty much the same as the Menara Hap Seng (the place where I attended for scalp analysis) so I didn’t take much picture of it.

But it’s my first time entering Svenson’s treatment area. They have lots of private room inside with smoothing, calm environment created around as if customers were here to be pampered instead of coming for hair treatment! XD

My corner.

Even washing hair area is inside the room!

These are how it’s done for my Oxy DH therapy treatment:

#1 Have my hair steamed by hair steamer, right after I got my hair washed.

#2 Applied DH Hair Concentrate Serum on my scalp

Le magical formula. More like having an experiment in the lab XD

As this awesome stuff applied on my scalp, I can feel its chilling effect running over every part of my scalp area. Not until I was being told that when the droplets hit the scalp, the kinetic energy peels off the dead skin from the scalp while active ingredients in the droplets boost cell generation to normalize hair growth.

In the other words, I will have a clean, fresh scalp once I applied this serum! How awesome is that!

The beautician on that day was kind enough to remind me not to wash my hair for the next 8 hours, to have time for the serum fully absorb into my scalp.

#3 95% of pure oxygen

By using a specially designed handpiece, it creates a supersonic 2-phase jet consisting of micro-droplets of saline solution & 95% pure oxygen, to assists in penetration and absorption of the nourishing ingredient into my scalp.

#4 Massaging scalp

This is just to enhance my scalp’s blood circulation, and I think it’s relaxing!

As the result:

This is just my personal opinion but I honestly think this treatment does benefit me! I found myself not feeling sweaty, oily, itchy once I stepped out of Svenson that day. Surprisingly, it lasted until today even I’ve walked under the hot sun. Looks like I’ve got the chance to further keep my hair thicker! XD (Don’t throw eggs on me)

Svenson has 5 more other customized solutions to treat your hair problem. With many great testimonials from the customer, this is a place you ought to give it a consideration!

Svenson Hair Centers @ Petaling Jaya
Lot No. 16-G, Jalan SS21/62, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603-7660 8838 (call for appointment)

There are a total of 9 branches in Malaysia so do look for the nearest branch of yours at their website!

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