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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Interlude @ TTDI

*This is a non-halal food post!*

Imagine you can get alot more than this, surely you will love your Saturday night even more. Just saying.

You can get all these at Interlude, which will be today's food review post!

Interlude TTDI

If you are familiar with TTDI, I'm sure you'd agreed that this area is full of lively pubs and bars at night. It's a favourite hangover area for middle-high class residents, as if the night is still young.

Interlude sees this trend, and set to bring in more happening atmosphere by offer to host events and parties to their customer. At Interlude, it's not just about beers and dancing floor, but a place to hangover with your peers over a couple of good beers and delicious foods!

Interlude is also the first International tapas bar in Malaysia! They serve wide range of international food to cater different customer's preference.

As usual, it's getting more crowded when the night hits in!

and smokey...

They have this kick-ass bar with two gigantic blinking stars hanging on top & huge range of beers selections placed on the rack. I must say, the whole set up does gives me a hangover feel. Interlude sure knows how to WOW their customers well!

Except that this is not a real star.. XD


#1 Guiness Float - RM 29

Having a glass of Guiness at night is not rare. But having a Guiness with float on top is something unusual!

I'm not a fan of beer but I just go for it out of curiosity, and got myself high over.

Anyway, this means I LOVE this drink! To me it's like the coke float you had at A&W. The only differences is this is an alcohol version (duh).

Still, I will recommend to people who doesn't like to drink beer. Its float had pretty much cover up the taste of the alcohol, which is what I like! #sweettooth

#2 Mocktails / Interlude's Speciality

Here are some good cold drinks which might help to kick-start your dining experience, such as:

1) Pink Senorita (RM 26) – tequila, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice
2) Frozen Melon Margarita (RM 26) – Tequila, midori, melon, sweet sour, honey dew
3) Virgin Alyaa (RM 18) – strawberry puree, banana puree, cranberry juice, soda water
4) Green winter (RM 26) – vodka, triple sec, cucumber juice

- FOOD - 

#3 Lemon Chicken Salad - RM 16

Who would have thought that the salad could be this delicious! Mixed lettuce tossed in lemon vinaigrette with slices of chicken breast, a healthy dish for those who is on diet and no need to worry about how much calories being burn in your body (because that would be little XD).

#4 Nachos Pork - RM 28

Tortilla chips with pork or chicken, jalapeno, guacamole, sour cream and cheese is something unusual for me for a Nachos dish. Usually the Nachos I'd from the past were just these few piece of chips seasoned with oils and tomato cuts all over. However, the interlude's Nacho is full of ingredient which makes the nachos so....un-soggy and crispy!! *YUMS* I highly recommended this over a quick snack!

#5 Nantua of Spaghetti with Seasonal Seafood - RM 30

I was blown away by amount of seafood being served on the plate. Also known as Sauce America, this seafood pasta is unlike any you have had before! The pasta were marinated with Nantua sauce and served together later on with seafood that grilled separated. Sounds like alot of work needs to be done here but the outcome hasn't let me down!

It's one of the star dish, just saying. 

#6 Interlude's Crispy Pork Fried Rice - RM 18

Char Siew Fan, anyone?

The Chef had executed well by making this dish look so high class! I thought the pork slides were quite salty for me but the entire dish had won my heart from that aromatic fried rice

#7 Crispy Pork Belly - RM 24

The pork belly that has been marinated with 5 different spies which takes up 2 days to cook and oven it on the next day to get the crispy skin makes the whole dish worth paying for. Crispy layer on the top but tender, juicy belly layer beneath, what else could you ask for more?

#8 17 Hours Slow Cooked Pork Belly - RM 26

Behold, the star of the dish!

The top layer is not made out of fat, but the result of outer pork belly that has been caramelized under high heated pan. It takes 17 - 19 hours to prepare, which speaks of its name. Served with gribiche inspired sauce and grated egg white, you will love its tender, juicy and crispy taste all in one place while consuming it.

#9 Ultimate Interlude Pork Burger - RM 26

Burger which consists of bacon and cheese served with fries can be tasted so well! I like how crispy the bacon being served.

#10 Pulled Pork Burger - RM 26

Adding pulled pork into your burger goes so well with bacon in your burger. A good meaty choice indeed.

Everyone is stealing spot for a good photo kononnya..


#11 Cheese Cake - RM 22

Good things comes with small piece! Topped up with brown and white chocolate flakes on top, this cheesecake had won my heart by having their chocolate balanced so well with the cheese together with its tick and crunchy feel biscuit base. I would love to have it over again if I've the chance.

Do take note that their cakes are weekly special. Each week would sells different kinds of cake.

#12 Caramel Triple - RM 22

What is not having an ice-cream under a hot, sunny day?

Or maybe after your hangover session?

This caramel ice-cream topped with dated molasses reduction, custard and biscuits beneath has become my new found love for caramel!

Special thanks for Owner aka Chef of Interlude -- Mr Rabin for his kind invitation, and my beloved blogger friend Joanne Wee for organizing this food review session, together with the other blogger friend Lwin Lee, Catherine See and Kakalina. I never thought a food can be turn out to be so creative and yummy at the same time!

Interlude is definitely a place worth to visit if you are craving for excitements. There are lots of surprising elements you can find here which makes your dining experience unforgettable! Worth every penny you spent here for great foods.

interlude ttdi

Another great place I would suggest for pub grub and great beer is Izakaya Kushi Raku. Full write up here.


50, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +60 3-7733 7119
Business Hours: 3PM–1AM (Daily)

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