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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

11 Years!

Today marks the date where Liverpool FC won the Champions League 11 years ago!

UEFA Champions League 2005 winner -- The Miracle of Istanbul!

Time flies really fast as if it just happened a year ago! So many things had changed until the current squad Liverpool has does not consists any of these players. To tell you the truth, I miss them so much! So so much!

If you've been a follower of my blog for the past couple of years, you will notice every year I'll not fail to dedicate a post about this unforgettable match on 25th of May! Even if I'm too busy to post on this day, I will make up later by reversing the blog date to 25th May LOL. To me, this is not just your type of football game where you expect team A will win over team B, who score the most and vise versa. It's a game where Never Said Die attitude implies. No matter how bad your circumstances is, one thing that matters all is not giving up on hope, and keep trying!

Down to 3 nil at half time, Liverpool could have taken an easy way by just compromising to AC Milan (their opponent) on second half. Facing the 7th cup holders of AC Milan which consists of few renowned, skillful players, there's absolutely NO WAY Liverpool can beat them! Not to mention they are the 2003 Champions League title holder. With Liverpool's two decade ago title holder record, this is some sort of Mission Impossible we are talking about! (In football, down to 3 nil at half time is a HUGE mountain to climb!)

But NO...Liverpool didn't just stop there! Miraculously, they bounce back by scoring 3 equalizing goals at second half! Went all the way from extra time to Dudek saved Schevchenko's goal (if only you know what am I talking about) till the Penalty Shootout, no matter how things seems impossible, how tired they are, how ferocious the opponent attacks, they never shown any giving up sign! It's either DO or DIE! Who would have thought that this attitude of theirs turns out to be a blessing, and God knows how they won the Penalty Shootout, and being crowned the winner of UEFA Champions League 2005!

And that's how they influence me to keep this blog alive, until today!

Despite not finding any reason to continue this whole blogging saga (besides passionate about drawing comics) and not having enough encouragements from my family throughout these years of unfruitful blogging, what Liverpool did had taught me a very valuable lesson, and that is NOT TO GIVE UP!

I mean, I could have just stop blogging and focus on what needs to be done in my life. Knowing that blogging could eat up most of my time, I could have chosen to forget how this blogging could provide me and just focus on building my career. If I stop blogging, I would have ample of time to focus on more important things like learn how to invest, how to upgrade myself in IT field and maybe less reason to quarrel with my family etc etc etc. Life would be so much easier, by just living up what others think I should be doing instead of quarantine myself inside a cubicle room facing the laptop 24 hours a day. I thought, I have more reasons to give up blogging than to continue with it.

But I wouldn't want to have my comics put behind the bar! It's my dream to have my own comics to entertain my readers, make them laugh, lighten up their day and maybe be useful to the society!

Blogging opens that kind of platform! It gives the opportunity for people like me, to have a platform where I can show my comics! Perhaps the outcome is not what I would have imagined: earning big bucks that able to provide livings for me, having a huge base of readers, receiving tons of sponsorship, publish my own book (dream too far liao), but that doesn't really matter. I used to gaga over how popular those comic bloggers/artist are, and how glamorous they could be, until I find out that comics can make people laugh is the best purpose I can aim for. Knowing that your readers love your comics, this is the best feeling an artist could ask for!

Put aside, I can say that I'm proud of what I've done! Who would've thought that I could come to this far, despite juggling between working full-time and blogging (there was a period of time were I have to work full-time + work part-time + study part-time+ blogging all together at the same time!). To this date, I manage to seal some food and other reviews. At least I can tell to my blog that I didn't treat her so bad lolol!

The outcome may not be great but it's the process that makes me proud of what I've done. If one day I've to stop blogging and flash back of what I did, it would be something that I'm proud of! 

I named myself 'Anfieldyee' after Liverpool's Football Field name --- ANFIELD, simply because I don't want to forget their never said die spirit! I want this Istanbul 2005 incident to continue to be my main inspire source, and to be reminded that no matter how circumstances turns out to be, there'll always be hope at the end of the tunnel. No matter what people said that I've been silly enough to blog for nothing, this platform will only serve one purpose: which is to bring laugh to the readers via comics! 

And that's how I'm still continue to blog, for 8 years!

Maybe I should learn how to promote my blog. IT girl is bad at promoting. Any kind souls willing to teach me how to reach out to more people? XD

PS: Anyway, I've been on Chinese Blogging industry for the first 3 years of my blogging journey, and being nominated as Best Humour Blog by mybloggercon! This's something I can proud of for the rest of my life! ^^

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