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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Le Bistro 33 @ USJ Taipan

*This is a non-halal food post*

So next time you know where to find the most lengzai waiter in town. Don't say I bojio you!

Before we discuss further to this lengzai saga topic, allow me to introduce the food review of the post -- Le Bistro 33:

le bistro 33

So we have Japanese, Korean, Thai restaurants in Malaysia, pretty much like an Asian hub here lol. However, not many Europe-style restaurant are to be seen here (unless you want to drive all the way down to Bukit Bintang and paid a humongous amount for your meal?). Located at the business hub of Taipan, Le Bistro 33 is set to bring its French dining experience into Malaysia with its French-Italian cuisines.

It was a scorching day out there. Hence, the moment I stepped inside Le Bistro 33, I was in awe with its cleanliness and comfy environment, not to mention its breeze aircon provided. It reminds me how simple things in life could make us appreciate life more.

The name "bistro" adopts, aiming to provide the moderately price simple meal to the customer in a modest way. Customers are able to enjoy the food here at affordable price, made with the finest quality material flown all the way from Europe.

To top up your experience in a French Restaurant, all foods were cooked and served by French! I can confidently say, there is no need to fly to France to fulfill your dining experience over there, because you can find everything here at Le Bistro 33!

They have wide range of wine placed on the rack. Reminds me how French appreciates wine more than we do.

Chocolates are available here, too.

Chilling over a glass of chill wine, what a perfect Sunday afternoon.

All of these bread were hand baked with fresh by the Chef, just like how the Chef in France would do it.

And if you are looking for finest cheese or meat quality, they all can find it here!

Long story short, it's time I shall introduce our Le Bistro 33's waiter of the day. Everyone, meet Simon!

At the end of the day I guess we were too shy to ask so we got this Malaysian with strong Europe accents help us with food choices.

But Simon still continue provide his top-notch service to us!

I heard about how French are particular with their pronunciation. However, Simon had corrected us patiently whenever we made the wrong pronounce.

I bet he will become an awesome French Teacher if he's not waiting. XD


#1 Valrhona Hot Chocolate - RM 14.00

I was blown away with this mere cup of hot chocolate. Usually the hot chocolate I'd is too sweet as if I was swallowing a big chunk of chocolate bar. Judging from the look of this hot chocolate, I couldn't help but keep wondering what's so special about this drink, which was highly recommended by Simon, as it looks like made up by few spoons of milo. (By the way, Malaysian loves to have their Milo in a very Kaw-way by adding extra spoons of milo powder in their drink.)

Nevertheless, it's never to judge the book by its cover. This is by far, the finest chocolate I've ever tasted! As I take a quick slip of it, it gives me comfy, warm and mild-sweet flavour of chocolate, makes me feels like I'm back to my childhood happily enjoy a bar of chocolate. You could never, ever get such flavour elsewhere in Malaysia except Le Bistro 33 of course.

#2 Cafe Latte - RM 9.00

At here, Le Bistro 33 using illy coffee been, an Italian Coffee Roasting, which produce strong aromatic coffee flavour in your drinks. Coffee lovers, you'll gonna love this!

While waiting for our food to come, we test our camera to get a best shot of it.


Introducing Le Bistro 33's Chef of the day -- Chef Bruno from France.

#3 CEufs Brouilles au Saumon - RM 20.00
(Serve on breakfast 8am - 11am)

Made up with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with cheese served with french bread, salad and tomato, I must be very lucky to have salmon bites on my omelettes. Both were blended together so well that I could never get enough of it. The omelette was so fluffy and creamy it just lighten up my breakfast experience.

#4 Le Speciale Bruno - RM 25.00

Name after Chef Bruno, a dish that makes him proud of. One side note: this dish has to be kept warm to retain its maximize flavour.

Unfortunately we took way longer than usual to get a good shot of it. By the time we decided to eat up, the egg had turned cold. Imagine having that egg served warmly on our table, pretty sure it will do good with bacon, salad and the bread all together.

Overall, I do think it's a well-balanced meal, judging from having vegetable and meat all together in one plate.

The bread it used is Rye bread, a type of rich-in-fiber healthy bread made out of rye grain. Good rye bread is usually more denser than the usual bread.

Yep, very. You know it's a good bread if it's not easily break apart.

#5 Croissant Sale - RM 16.00

Mini croissant baked up with chicken and mushroom / ham and cheese smoked salmon, I find it very thoughtful by stuffing all the cheese and meat inside this mini croissant. Not to mention the croissants were soft and flaky.

#6 Poulet Basquaise - RM 22.00

Inspired by Asian-fusion way, a traditional french specialty where the chicken was cooked in white wine with tomatoes, onion and pepper, this bowl of pasta is set to reach out the Asian community.

#7 Pates au poulet champignons - RM 19.00

Pasta with chicken mushroom in fresh cream sauce and grated Parmesan cheese. However, such seemly simple preparation dish had reached my expectation for cabonara! The cream sauce were well balanced which helps to retain its moist and spingy texture of the pasta.

The worth-your-instagram food picture.

Would you still care for another glass of wine?

Thank you Le Bistro 33 for inviting me to their food tasting session. I'd say, this is by far, the closest French Dining experience I've had. Like I mentioned in earlier on, you don't need to travel THAT far to France. In Le Bistro 33, you'll experience everything!

Not to mention you get top-notch service here.

le bistro 33 usj

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Le Bistro 33

No.33 Ground Floor, Jalan USJ 10/1G, 47620 Subang Jaya
Business Hours: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm (Daily)
Tel: +60 3-8011 6222
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lebistro33kl/

Special Thanks to
Invitation: Le Bistro 33
Comic Model: Kakalina, Joanne, Bear, Simon


  1. Awesome blog post! Msia Wan Wan!
    Love to see your comic! Gambate my dear sis! *Huggies*

  2. So cute le!!!! I almost forget the drop knife section...

    1. Haha, TQTQ! I remember because Joanne's face was epic! XD

  3. I just went there yesterday. I must say that the food was simply AWESOME and worth the price I paid!

    As a side note, I like the way you presented your post (with cute comics and humour), very creative. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to meet the "lengzhai" that day. Oh well...

    1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by and compliment! Glad that you enjoy the dining experience with Le Bistro 33! :) Perhaps one day you'll get to meet the lengzai! :D


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