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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What jet lag means to you?

Even spending days of hibernating still cannot get away from my tiredness!

Perhaps mine isn't classified as Jetlag, as Jet Lag is something you will get if you're flying across different time zones. (You might want to know what medical defines 'Jet Lag' via here?) Which, in my case, is just travelling to the East Coast Malaysia within 5 days. Different place, but same time zone, what could possibly be jet lagged?

However, I suffered from somehow they call it "Jet-Lag syndrome" after I came back from my trip: extreme tired, confusion, dizziness and little memory loss (more like a total blur queen). Before the trip, I'm confident that I can get over it with just total tiredness. Little did I know that all these syndromes have been haunted me for days, until now.

Okay, maybe I've started to gain cautions, that I'm in KL now lol. 

The only thing I could think of, which explains all these jet-lag ness sagas, is not because of the time zone differences, but confusion on environment and culture differences!

Think about it, Kelantan & Kuantan (The two places I went to work last week. Will gonna blog about my experience over there so stay tuned!!) were two different environments and culture! One is towards Malay community whereas the other one is a slower pace town. On top of that, I never been to these two place before. Everything was so rush that I don't have time to adjust to their environment. I even had this imagination that I thought I'm in KL when I was at Kuantan.

Maybe this speaks of Kakalina's jet lag: cultural differences. Now that reminds me I do get that the moment I touched down at the airport from another country.

What about you? How does your jet lag feel like?


  1. Opss sry just now hp no bat got typo error.

    Finally Kakalina changes cloth and hair is getting longer lol. Fred always tell me he has jetlag. I thought he was joking with me not until I experienced it myself. I like your KO comic lol. I am laughing after see it hehe XD

    1. So particular with the way I draw about u XD I'm glad you like it, it just pop up out of nowhere :P


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