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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Tsubohachi @ Publika Shopping Gallery

*This is a Non-Halal Food Post*

Honestly the whole environment makes me feel as if I'm at Japan trying out Japanese food! Besides that, the friendly & warm greetings from the staff serve as an additional bonus to my dining experience with Tsubohachi!

The Drinks

Having a variety choices of beer/sake/wine is common in a Japanese restaurant. Since this is a very Japanese restaurant (according to here, here & here), let's just see what Tsubohachi has got for us!

I must say, these are rare drinks!

Oooooo they have Sake in a Masu (aka box)!

This.is.da.BOOM! (according to my blogger friend la)

I prefer Ginger highball over coke. Nevertheless, both are equally refreshing!

Angel said this Yuzu Wine reminds of her travel days in Japan.

I'm certain that all of these are GOOOOOOD! 

I never thought there's "Sour" drink in Japan. And that's a very gigantic Grapefruit they got for us!

So in conclusion, my drinking session with Tsubohachi has lifted up my expectation!

The Food

If the drinks are good, the food must be up to that standard, too!

Yep, I sort of SAPU (took) 'em all!

#1 Ramen Sarada - RM 9.90

Never thought a salad can taste SO GOOD with noodles. All because of that sauceeeee! If you want to be on diet, this alone is enough for your perfect lunch/dinner meal at Tsubohachi!

#2 Chicken Karaage - RM 18.90

What can I say? As a chicken lover, I have already approved this LOL! One of the most tender chicken I've ever had!

#3 Grilled Ray Fin - RM 12.90

The FINs were cooked perfectly well! It was so soft I could just easily chew everything in it.

#4 Deep Fried Chicken Soft Bone - RM 18.90

It tastes like those fish stick snack although it's made up from chicken. That's how chewy it is!

#5 Hokkaido Style Deep Fried Potato (Imo Mochi) - RM 8.90

I don't usually like potato but this just melts my heart! It was so yummy I could have it all by myself. Highly recommended!

#6 Potato Mentaiko Yaki - RM 13.90

Another highly-recommended dish on my list! Potato on the inside but pizza-like from the outside. I feel like eating a mini-pizza here! (And I finished it all alone XD)

#7 Chicken Neck Skewers (Seseri) - RM 7.80 each

The chicken neck was very tender and chewy I've enjoyed it over my cup of beer fruit drink.

#8 Chicken Thigh Skewers With Leek (Negima) - RM 7.80 each

If you don't prefer tail, how about thigh? 

#9 Chicken Tail Skewers (Bonjiri) - RM 7.80 each

Or maybe, tail? Say whattttt? All of them were equally good! Obviously, tail & butt taste more tender as compare to the thigh. 

#10 Chicken Skin Skewers (Torikawa) - RM 7.80 each

Quite sinful but equally yummy. Man, they do know how to make use of ever part of chicken well!

#11 Grilled Minced Chicken With Hotspring Egg (Soft Bone) (Ontama Tsukune Teppakayi) - RM 12.90

Doesn't it looks like the egg you got at Hotspring? You ought to eat it with the chicken because it taste heavenly! #imnotkiddinghere

#12 Omelette with Sliced Pork and Cabbage (Tonpeiyaki) - RM 12.90

If you think too much sauce is not for you, how about this one? It's fill-feeling and equally good, too!

#13 Deep Fried Flounder (Karei Karaage) - RM 42.50

One of the most crispy fish I've ever had! You can just swipe all of them (including the bone) without leaving anything on the plate!

#14 Grilled Atka Mackerel (Hokke Hiraki) - RM 52.90

It's very huge that you can share it among 4-5 people. Perfect food to take with beer!

#15 Grilled Salmon (Sake No Chanchan Yaki) - RM 17.90

The salmons are very soft and moisture! A perfect dish to take in with your bowl of rice.

#16 Salmon and Vegetables in Miso Base Soup (Ishikari Nabe) - RM 19.90

It has variety of ingredient inside the soup: cabbage, carrots, salmon, tofu and potato all-in-one in miso soup. To my surprise, all the flavours were well-balanced. The soup was not so salty like what I'd in the other Japanese restaurant (in Malaysia).

#17 Pork Belly and Chinese Cabbage Mille-Feuille Claypot (Buta Hakusai Nabe) - RM 29.90

The dish alone may looks normal to you. Mind you that it's one of their special dish, and also one of my highly-recommended list with Tsubohachi! You ought to try this if you happens to be here. How could pork belly & cabbage taste SO GOOD in one plate?!? 

#18 Pirikara Ramen Soup - RM 18.90

Craving for Ramen? Let Pirikari Ramen soup spice up your taste bud!

#19 Homemade Japanese Style Dumpling (Yaki Gyoza) - RM 12.90

They have my favourite Gyozaaaa! And it's wayyyyy perfect! My kind of Gyoza!

#20 Seafood Pot Rice (King Crab, Scallop, Salmon) (Hokkai Kamameshi) - RM 26.90

Looks like a mini-version of those old days where they use wood & fire to cook their food. The outlook is very cute so it's easily being my favourite dish list. #lamereason

It takes 15 - 20 minutes to cook. By the time when you see the smoke comes out from the pot, its heavenly aroma has filled up the entire room!

Not to mention the rice was cooked soft as well as its other ingredient, and yummy I might add. No wonder it's their signature dish. Another highly-recommended dish!

 A mixed feeling of STOP IT and I WANT TO TRY IT indeed..

#21 Flowing Somen Noodle Set (Nagashi Somen) - RM 27.90

Perhaps, the highlights of my experience with Tsubohachi. The set up may look simple but each of them has its own function.

This is what you can do with Nagashi Somen:

To my very much surprise, the noodles retains its cooling effect from the ice water much longer than I thought, which I would like have it for my my Japanese noodles.

You can also add other ingredients prepared for you into your noodles.

If white noodles doesn't appealing to you, how about trying it with Soba?

I feel like a kid while "playing" with these noodles.

I reckon this could be perfect after-meal dish to share it with your peers.

It sure is difficult to find any fault on Tsubohachi: all their foods are SO yummilicious!! Even if it's not the yummiest, it not the worse taste I'd ever had!

It has easily been my favourite Japanese Restaurant that I would highly-recommend to my Japanese boss. I'm even consider bringing my sister (who happens to be a Japan freak) to try it out, and let her judge if Tsubohachi is so close to what we could get in Japan!

If you have not tried out Tsubohachi, if you're looking for the best Japanese Restaurant around Klang Valley, I would highly recommended Tsubohachi! Just looking at how many times I've used "highly recommended" in this blogpost, I'll let you form your own expectation! =)

Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya
A2-UG1-9 Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hour: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm ; 5.30 pm - 1 am
Website: http://www.tsubohachi.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsubohachimalaysia

With that kind of environment, food & the price I've to pay, I'd say it's worth the visit!


  1. Why this time draw me until so cin cai and din label my name sob sob...
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