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Friday, 12 February 2016

Seeties Gathering 2.0 @ Sen of Thai, Damansara Uptown

seeties gathering

That pretty much sums up my Seeties 2.0 Gathering experience, which is gain weight. No la still manage to make new blogger friends! 

Even though I was back from Bangkok just few days ago (That time la), I guess I still cannot run away from Thai food. But that doesn't really matter because whenever there's food, there will be me. XD True enough, two of my past events with seeties were all about food. XD

And this time it's about Thai Food!! Yayness!! #pengilaThaiModeON

I though of sharing my experience with Sen of Thai, because I feel that this place had quite relatively closer taste from what I'd at Bangkok:

When I first enter into this restaurant, I fell in love instantly of it environment:

Wouldn't you think it's a perfect place for photo session?!?

The environment gives me a chill, calm, relaxing place to dine in. I feel like just beaching right here & enjoying the sunlight shining through the glass door lol!

And also had some nice decos/interiors.

Wonder why didn't I discover such place earlier until Seeties did.

I ordered Thai Ice Tea (Cha-Yen). Can't remember the price as I was rushing to get a good shot of it.

Like this!


Or this!

Anyone wants to hire me as photographer? XD

The food that has been served

#1 Steamed prawn topped with lime chili sauce - RM 16.00

Never though I'd love this prawn so much I almost want to have it all to myself! XD It was so fresh and chewy! I highly recommended this to be shared among your peers!

#2 Stir-fried broccoli with scallops - RM 24.00

My favourite will definitely be scallop. I mean, who doesn't? XD It was cooked perfectly although it looks like another kind of dish.

#3 Deep-fried siakap with signature Thai chili sauce - RM 55.00

Thai fish dish has never fails to let me down! It has the sweet, sour & spicy taste all over of your crispy-fried fish. Pairing with a bowl of rice with this, perfect meal to share with your love ones! 

#4 Tom Yam Goong (Creamy tomyam with prawn) - RM 28.00

THIS, reminds me of the Tom Yum I'd at Bangkok! It was so spicy I'd to order a few glass of water to compromise my taste bud. XD But it was how a Tom Yum should be. Am I right, Tyma? 

#5 Yam Spring rolls (Po Piah Tod) - RM 12.00

Yammy spring roll which was wrapped with crispy-crunchy layer. Perfect snack meal for your yum-cha session.

#6 Classic Pad Thai ( Stir Fried thai noodle) - RM 15.00

What is not having a plate of Pad Thai to complete your Thai food journey? (Well, at least for me) I was very surprised to see all the usual Pad Thai ingredients were on the plate. Most importantly, the rice noodle was cooked perfectly well, not too soggy like what I'd in other Thai Restaurant!

A closer look of my most favourite Thai Food! That PRAWNNNN.

#7 Cranberry Pineapple fried rice - RM 16.00

A very pineapplely flavour of fried rice. No kidding, all I can taste was full of pineapple flavour, and those little cranberry fruits. XD

#8 Sizzling beef with black pepper sauce (Nuea Phad Prik Thai Dam) - RM 20.00

The beef was hard. Else, the sauce was perfectly fine.

#9 Crab Spring Rolls - RM 16.00

Oh Mai Gawd their Spring Rolls is so crispy!! I probably come out the loudest crunchy sounds on that table! XD I was at cloud 9 after dipping it with the chilli sauce. 

Dessert Taime:

#10 Tab Tim Krob (Thai Red Ruby) - RM 8.50

Hmmm!!! Love the red thingy (and the yellow bit) that surrounded in this dessert! 

#11 Sago Honeydew - RM 8.50

This dessert is so refreshing!! I don't find it very sweet. 

#12 Royal Thai Loop Chop (Colorful candy) - RM 12.00 (6 pcs)

I just got to know this is actually from Thai -____- My favourite dessert when I was young. Was very pleasant surprise to find it right here. 

Our food that has been served on that day. 

What can I say about Sen of Thai? Not only one of the rare place where you can have the original taste retained, the service was superb!! The staff were very patient and friendly to serve us whenever we need them! Overall I'd say it was a money-worthy fine dining experience I would probably bring a couple of thai food lover friends to come here if I miss Bangkok, again! XD

Another Thai Restaurant that I would recommend is Cafe 9 @ Seksyen 17. The full review is here.

sen of thai restaurant

Sen of Thai
52, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm (Daily)
Tel: +603-7732 3939


  1. omg!!!! looks nice haha... esp the steamed prawn topped with lime chili sauce... :)
    bring me there one day.. let me taste hahahaha... :p

    1. definitely after march ya sweetie hahahahaha... :p

    2. eh just realized here got 'look chup' maigod its my fav dessert.. really must visit this place liao 5555

    3. Duno what are you saying. But if you happens to be there, take me pls.

  2. I want to try the Steamed prawn topped with lime chili sauce
    It looks so good! I think I can finish all by my own!

  3. Cranberry Pineapple fried rice looks so yummy! first time hearing bout cranberry in the thai fried rice heheh

  4. THe food looks amazing! Love your shots of the coffee too

  5. nice place to eat and dine with friends.
    didn't check the tap that time, over already :( but is okay as I can read from here :D

  6. Great gathering wiht nice food! Such a lovely outings!

  7. Nice place to dine. The price looks reasonable too.

  8. I never miss Seeties gathering this is my first time. :(
    Hubby was in the hospital T_T

  9. The food look super tempting. All delicious! I love the place deco. So 'Zen'.

  10. still very love your comic art! thai food makes me miss bangkok badly! oh gosh! ><

  11. I'm a Seeties member too, actually. Living in Ipoh, I feel so left out from the happenings organised by Seeties! :(

  12. I always love Thai food. Their tom yam looks good and the rest of the dishes also.

  13. what a lovely gathering.. too bad I missed out on it since I had another event that clashed and whom I had promised first... feel so sad...

  14. Always gets invites from them but always so late and always have events clashing.

  15. love the top shot of all the food you guys had that day.. wow. tempting indeed.

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  23. wow! once a while I like to enjoy spicy food esp Tom Yam :) Gonna check out and try their food here :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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