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Saturday, 13 February 2016

How I "decode" Thai Language during Traveling

This is the advert board that I didn't manage to send it to Tyma immediately. Thank you my silly brain for not purchasing a SIM card at the first place. I could have save THB 30 if I reload THB 300 in one shot, even though it's not that much money but still, it's a money. #verykedekut

However, when I look onto this advertisement again, I thought there must be some terms and condition with it, since there's this "KBank" words on top of this advertisement. With so much time I'd during CNY, I went up google it to find out if there's any explanation for this advert. To my surprise, I found it at the BTS's official page: with the translation of "Reward PLUS Privileges for K-Mobile Banking PLUS or K-Cyber get discount at BTS 30 Baht on Tuesday - Friday" on this advert!

Okay, at least it makes my heart feels better. XD

What about you? How do you handle those Thai languages during your trip to Thailand? 


  1. 都叫妳买sim card的啦!不听老人言,吃亏在眼前。:P

  2. Hahahahahahahha.... See, you should buy me flight ticket and hotel so that i can be your full time translator.. no need pay by money, just bring me there as a free trip enough hahahahahahaha.. XD btw i am happy to be your translator... can use my expert hahahahah.

    1. I will wait for you to decided to come, and join you :P :P

    2. hahahaha... long time to go dear hahahaha.. if you decided to sponsor me, it can be anytime... wahahaha :p


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