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Monday, 15 February 2016

Feel Refreshed with New Green Chang Beer Bottle!

Not to worry, the new Chang Beer contains 5.5% of alcohol, not enough to get you drunk if you are not the very easily getting drunk person like our dear Tyma here.

When I first got this new design of Chang beer, I just fall in love with it. Not only the taste has an enhanced to smoother and refreshing taste, I just love its contemporary look and good-hand feels design. It has the somehow chatting with friends with a bottle on your hand that kind of look doesn’t it?

I took the beer to attend my friends’ CNY party in her office. Everyone loves their taste and its look. I must say, the new look of Chang beer has never let us down!

Some photos took during the party:

Those two looking extremely excited with the new look of Chang Beer 

New look of course must take a picture with it!

Oh yeah baby!

Can we drink now?!?

Ordered a chill Chang beer when I got to know this Thai restaurant does serve the new design!

The new design of Chang Beer can be found at Baan 26 or Hard Rock Café. Nevertheless, I manage to discover their appearance on some of the Thai Restaurants.

Sounds like a perfect beverage for your bonding moment with your love ones? Do get one now to spices up your Chinese New Year moments this year!

For more information you can check on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/changbeer/


  1. Ermmm.. hahahah my face while get drunk soo hodoh hahahaha...

    1. I think is not leh. Ask your friend to see and comment? :P

    2. hahaha.. better ask you because only you ever seen my hodoh face while drunk hahahahaaha.. :p

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  3. I curious how are you going to blog this post. It's good dear.
    Fyi, 5% for novice will get excited easily. :)

    1. Thanks dear for your encouragement, as always ^_^
      Oh I see, never thought of that tho. XD

  4. Are you sure that you mean "larger"?

  5. Drink chang with a thai pussy will even taste better.

  6. Chang gives me body ache. Prefer Singha beer.


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