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Monday, 4 January 2016

Hello, 2016!

And so my fellow readers, this is why I've not blogged about my 2016 on time. It's a long holiday so le Mom decided to do a house cleaning, to discharge those old items, to prepare for CNY.

Don't know why the older I get, the more I hate when CNY is approaching. (Almost couldn't make it for my Bangkok trip this month. What's the reason behind not going elsewhere before CNY is simply beyond my understanding.)

Back to the topic. I realize I have not done my 2015 reflect. Hence, this post shall summarize all my thoughts on 2015, my hopes and dreams for 2016. It'll be long-winged post although I do admit that I'm a horrible written. Unless you're only interested about my comics, you are feel free to scroll all the way down to the comment section and just concentrate on the last paragraph I wrote.

Reflecting 2015

If I would to describe my 2015, it will be mentality transformation. This is the year where I began to understand about myself, how immature I was and how much confident I'm lacking. Admittedly, there were lots of things I judged quickly, impatient, non-aggressive, whatever you can name it. But God is good! HE used HIS mighty power to show it to me the areas to improve, what I'm lacking, and manage tamed me down within 3 months! This is something I didn't expect it turn out to be, based on the 2015 Resolution I made back then. I can proudly say that I'm much happier and calmer than before, although there's still room to improve.

Feel so happy to hear from my friends that I look much better and brighter than before lolol. And I stopped falling sick ever since July 2015!!! WOHOO!!!!

My biggest transition is surely changing job. From the position I've been so used to, comes down to that level, adapting to a whole new environment with different culture and colleagues, I must admit it takes quite long time for me to settle down. However, God has been good to me yet again, despite the circumstances.

As for blogging, it has been an interesting 2015 for my dear bloggie. For the first time after 7 years of blogging, I'd my first food review!!! *dance with joy* And many events/invitations just come to me. For this, I've to give credit to Angel. Without her suggestions and advices, I probably still moaning about how boring my blog can be, and not being able to meet some cool blog friends.

Not much achievement being made (except changing job) in 2015. However, I've learned heaps of things, which brings me to my next point:

Things I've learned in 2015

1. Learn to think a bigger picture.
- Maybe I'm about to enter that kind of stage, I find myself no longer look what's happening in front. Instead, I try to think a bigger picture. I also realize how immature I was back then, and when I try to think before I react, my heart feels calmer than before, and I discover many unexpected good ways will come to me!

2. Just be happy
- It's your life so why waste on someone / something which doesn't make you happy? If you're not happy with your life, who would make you feel to?

3. There's nothing wrong to do something that makes you happy!
- Make sure you know what is your priority in life.

4. Love yourselves!
- If you don't, who would love you?

5. Somethings are just small matter
- Like I just say, life is short. If this thing doesn't affect your family / health / career, there's nothing to gaga over about it.

6. Sometimes, SHADDAP is way better than do the talking.
- Think before you speak!

7. What happens in the past will enrich your future!
- I may have a horrible past 2 years but it had taught me a very valuable lesson, and also moulded me into a better person. I must say, I've grown up alot in 2015!

8. God, family & health are the most important thing in your life!
- If you can't manage it, it's hard to concentrate / manage other stuff!

9. Genuine friends matters!
- It's not how many friends you know matters, but those who treats you sincerely. Who cares about those who hurts you badly? Kick 'em out, girl! 

10. Self-glorify means nothing!
- May all glory be to God!

11. While you're able, just do it!
- Which is why I'm gonna get that Midori Traveler Notebook VERY SOON lolol! #burnmoney

Moving Forward 2016

As per illustrated from the comic above, I would like to make my 2016 an achievable year, and I MEAN IT! Perhaps as we grew older wiser, we came to realize that time waits for no one. If you're not going to do it, when are you going to do it? When the time comes, will you still be able to do it? This is something I've learned from one of my dear blogger friend Kakalina. :)

Which is why, I still think it's a need to have resolution to kick-start your brand new year. At least, when you fall apart, there's something you can refer back to, to refresh your mind upon why are you starting this.

My Resolutions for 2016

~ Involve more in Church
I've been running away from it for quite sometimes and I think it's time for me to contribute some.

~ Practice Healthy Life
My aim is to exercise at least 5 days a week, sleep early, lose weight, and control my diet! (Does that mean I've to cut down alot in food review? NOOO...)

~ Excel in my career.
Now I'm all well & prepared, it's time to shine with God!

~ Loving myself more!
Time to transform, dear.

~ Be more active in blogging.
One thing I realize the reason why my blog has not been generating good hits is my non-aggressiveness attitude. Looking at how other bloggers had performed, took their blog very seriously despite it's just their past time, I must say I've been treating this site like when I've the mood, I come, that kind of feeling. A post can easily posted up within a day, but it took me FOREVER to come out a blogpost.

No wonder my life blog is so boring.

With 5 pending blogpost accumated since October 2015 in my hand, I guess I owe lots of readers & client an apology. This time, I'm determine to treat my blog seriously! So give me another chance, and I'll try to clear it up by end of this month.

My Wishes for 2016

►Be Healthy!
I think I've been keep making this wish every year, not since I've gone through what's feels like to fall sick. Yes God, I need your healing power. I will watch my diet & activity, all I need is your miraculous work. 

►Healthy family. 
Nothing beats having a healthy family. :)

►Draw more closer with God
Admittedly I've been away with God for quite some time by making up lots of excuse. I hope I can be daring enough to walk with HIM, to share about Christ with others

►Excel in my career path.
Wanna continue to give the glory to my Lord :)

►Produce more funny and interesting comic blogpost.
After all, this is my main reason to blog!

►Travel more!
I'm not done with my travel bug!!!

►Life companion.
If this happens, it will be another wonderful testimony for me :)

Phew~ The longest year of reflection post I've written thus far. Either I've too much things to say about my 2015/2016, or a good start on my attempt to be a serious blogger? XD

Thank you, 2015, for the memories! Despite with the ups and downs you've given me, you've been treating me good. I've learned a lot about myself and I promise to become a better person in 2016!

Last but not least, I wish all of you here, who manage to read until this line: May your wishes come true in 2016. Happy New Year!!!

Dear 2016, I'm Ready!!

Have you made your wishes under the firework?

By the way, what do you think about my bilingual comic? Will it be better than just having English version? Your comment please. 


  1. Happy New Year my friend :) Wishing you a successful 2016 and all the best with your goals, take care~

  2. Neither I blog on 1st January. LOL XD
    I dislike CNY too. Just feel BZ BZ & BZ.

    Dear, I'm so happy to meet you in my first food review. Hope you achieve all your new year resolution.

    Fred and I so happy that we are in your blogmates list. :)
    I have updated your fan that you start blogging in bilingual. Keep it up! You have our supports!

  3. Happy New Year Sin yee! may your wish come true!

  4. Love yourself more is important. This is the thing that i learn from 2015. 2016 will be a better year. :)

  5. Love the comic strips! And happy new year to you!

  6. Happie New Year ya!anyway I love your drawing so cute!

  7. Your 2015 reflections are actually can be a good advice to others too. May 2016 don't just be just another year but another year wiser to us! Happy 20116! :D May all your wishes come true.

  8. Happy New Year girl! <3 Loved the fact that you reflected on your 2015 and promise to improve in 2016. Jia you!

  9. Happy new year! hope to see u in future events! :D

  10. happy new year! i really like your posts. keep it up!
    and yes, be healthy is important. without healthy body, we can't do anything.
    another big yes goes to -> love yourself and be happy! ;)

  11. Happy New Year to you. I never bother myself with Chinese New Year, and have done away with new Year's resolution since a long time ago. Just do my best every time, that's all that matters.

  12. Great that you had your new resolutions. Mine is to spend more times with my Little Angels.

  13. Happy New year sin Yee. keep it up and you can do it. Try to complete at list 3 of your resolution. We work hard together.

  14. I agree with what you found out in 2015.. I have learnt it too and am kinda applying it in my life... heheh

  15. Happy New Year Sin Yee! May all your resolution for 2016 came true!

  16. Happy new year and may your dreams come true

  17. Happy new year! It's great what you've learnt last year. The fact that you've written down your goals for all of us to see is a big step to achieving your goals. Wishing you a wonderful year!

  18. I like the way you think, yes we must love ourselves before we can love or care for others. Plus don't get angry over small matters just waste our time & energy look at the bigger picture.

  19. Happy New Year, wishing you a blast 2016 and all your resolutions can be achieved :)

  20. hey, clearing the rubbish is a very important job ok.. :D.. i do it daily, and i do it proudly! here's to another awesome year :D


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