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Saturday, 16 January 2016

For Goodness Cake @ Desa Sri Hartamas

If Angel thinks the food is very healthy, it's 100% very healthy lolol.

This is my first time encounter a cafe which serves such healthy & yummy foods. Hence, to all family members, I would recommend For Goodness Cake if you happens to be at Desa Sri Hartamas!

Small Introduction by FoodInk

For Goodness Cakes is more than “just cakes”.

This café was started by a group of dedicated Malaysian women, some of whom are mothers and grandmothers, when they realised how difficult it is to find a family and kid-friendly place with good wholesome food which will not leave a huge hole in your pocket. For Goodness Cakes has captured attention around the neighborhood and other areas of KL, both near and far, dominating the market for delicious home cooked food and cakes, made with passion.

For Goodness Cakes has been running since 28th May 2014, specializing in breakfasts, brunches, lunches and cakes as well. Everything is made on the premises, from scratch, daily!

They are also very attentive to customer feedback, and it was customer feedback that led them to focus on making all the old “classic” cakes, like the butter cake, ‘Sugee cake’, banana cake, etc, just like our mothers and grandmothers used to bake at home.

Everything they make is tried and tested on themselves first… and it is only when it passes their tests that it is introduced to the customers. They want their patrons to savor the best of their food at affordable prices.

Their theme colour of Blue gives a surprisingly warm and comfortable ambience to the interior of the café, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere.

Inside the cafe has this children area which allows the children to play for themselves.It is a very child and family friendly café, which makes it absolutely perfect for gatherings of family and friends.

Here are the drinks and food we sampled on that day:

The Drinks

#1 Fizzi Goodness - RM 7.90

Their signature drink. Taste refreshing, perfect for hot weather like Malaysia. However, it was pouring on that day which sorta kills the moments. 

#2 Carrot Juice - RM 10.90

Another FGS's signature drink. It has this strong carrot flavour when it was served on the table.

It was so popular even the food bloggers were fighting with each other to get a snap of it!

#3 1. Happy Mood Tea - RM 7.90
     2. Latte - RM 9.90
     3. Cappuccino - RM 9.90
     4. Hot Chocolate - RM 9.90

My favourite is cappuccino, as I'm coffee lover. But all of these drinks worthy to take in. And that biscuitssss! *YUMZ*

The Foods

#4 Mushroom with Chestnut Soup - RM 10.90

I must say, the soup is very mushroom flavoury! I don't think I'd ever taste anything overly sweet / salty in their soup! Pretty much the mushroom flavour has covered up the whole soup.

#5 Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Soup - RM 10.90

I never liked pumpkin but this soup had changed my perspective. OK I need to eat more pumpkins lol!

#6 Nasi Lemak 'Biasa' - RM 11.90

My most favourite among all! Makes me feel very proud as a Malaysian... Ops, I mean, you've got rice with strong coconut flavour & sambal which is spicy as ever in a plate, what else could you ask for more?

#7 Awesome Big Breakfast - RM 29.90
2 eggs any styles (Scrambled, omelette, over easy & sunny side up), smoked salmon, lamb sausage, baked beans, roast cubed potatoes, grilled tomatoes & mushroom. Served with country bread.

I usually had a very salty breakfast when it comes to having Big Breakfast at the cafe but this one is just plain healthy! And not to mention, delicious! 

I would suggest to share it with 2 person, as you can see, it's quite big portion.

#8 Stuffed It Right - RM 15.90
Omelette, stuffed with onions, tomatoes, cheese and mushroom, served with wholemeal bread.

What is not having omelette in a western style cafe? They do know not letting my stomach down with this dish eh? 

#9 Frenchie - RM 11.90
Fresh Toast (white bread) with maple syrup.

This is the BEST french toast I've ever tasted last year! I never know a french toast can taste so well with maple syrup! You can request the staff to substitute the "F.G.C" words into any words you wish to appear on your plate. 

#10 Cheese on Toast - RM 12.90
Served with wholemeal bread.

More like having a mini pizza here. Simple yet scrumptious! 

#11 Breakfast Cakes - RM 11.90
Crepe Pancakes with maple syrup.

According to the owner, the red + yellow colour is actually fruit sauce made from scratch by them. Combined with its syrups and that crepe (very, very moist inside!), you'll get to taste the sweet and fruitiness combi flavours which kills your breakfast blues, if you might have one.

The Desserts

#12 Tiramiisu (without alcohol) - RM 8.90

You might consider not to hold back when it comes to Tiramiisu without alcohol, because their Tiramiisu's version will not let you down! I think it's because of its liquid which balance up the flavours within it. 

Towards the end of the session, we were presented with their killer brownies:

#13 Brownies - RM 6.00 per piece

The original flavour

The Raspberry flavour

The Peanut Butter flavour

Perhaps the most moisture, cheapest and scrumptious brownies I've ever tasted in a very long time!! I'm actually thankful that they did present brownies before we left the cafe. Wouldn't you know FGC sells killer brownies to the customers?

I'm so glad that I decided to come for FGC's food review on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Never know there's a cafe in Desa Sri Hartamas, where 6 mothers working hard together to promote healthy, homemade, kids-friendly and family environment to their beloved customers. It's no wonder this place becomes customer's favourite place to chill, chat and enjoy. While patrons enjoying their beers at night, they can also have family friendly cafe on the day!

For Goodness Cakes
36 (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-62116782
Business Hours:
Mon-Wed 9.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday Closed
Fri 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat-Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm
*Pork Free*

Special thanks to
Invitation: Food Ink
Comic Model: Betty, Angel (Click on the name to read their blogpost)
华语版本的可以参考咔咔丽娜 の For Goodness Cake 哦~


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