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Sunday, 10 January 2016

5D Art Studio @ Lorong Bukit Cina, Malacca

Actually it's good to have a crazy friend like kakalina around. My 5D Art Studio journey would probably ended up very MEH-ish without her present. In this case, I've to give big, BIG credit to her, as organizer helper and entertainer of the day! *CLAP* *CLAP* *CLAP*

It would be great if Betty could join us. We probably be the most noisiest threesome on that day! *ngek* *ngek**ngek*

It's been a while I blogged about a YeeTour post (how to make this a travel comic blog you tell me?). Right just end of last month, I'd the privilege to be invited to review 5D Art Studio @ Lorong Bukit Cina, Malacca, before its grand opening day to the public on 1st January 2016. As per the comic illustrated above, this is indeed my first ever outside of KL's invitation. How exciting!!

If you not sure exactly where it located, you know, just besides the famous Capitol Satay Celup?

By the way, do take note here that the Buy 1 Free 1 offer shown on that gigantic poster is no longer valid. My apology. Suppose to write this post before the New Year but Lao Niang is very, very de busy clearing off all the pending posts T_____T. This is really not an excuse as I still owe you guys my Koh Lipe & Hong Kong trip! #blamemydecember2015

Still, I think it's worth to visit this place. If you pay a visit down to Malacca, happens to be at Malacca or you just don't know where else to go in Malacca, do consider come to this place to play around with your camera. =)

The studio has 2 floors in it. Each floors has its different set of 5D Arts.

BEHOLD! Let the "experts" show you how to do it! 

The Downstair

First, we have our dear Angel being cut into half. *OUCH*

Comes with Kakalina been chased by a shark!

Tsk Tsk, Ken, do you even know you are in the public?!

I didn't know Nian En has a car! (With dinosaur behind her?!)

Ken: This is how to minimize your wife! *Muahaha*
(Photo taken from Angel's blog)

Presenting, the most lenglui poser of the day: OhFishiee!

Kakalina: Can you jalan fast abit or not, Mr Rhino?!?

Lai lai lai~~~ who wants to buy my 飘香? *Smirk*

Sin Mun: I don't want to get my hair cut!! T_____T

Kakalina: HELPPP! This monster is trying to eat me!!

Now I'm free. It's REVENGE time, you you monster! *PULL*

STOP PULLING MY SHIRT! Do you know how much it will cost you?!

Wherever I am, my heart will always be with 5D Melaka!

You wanna mess with me?

Fine then, this will be your price! *RARRR*
Uncle-five: HELP ME!!!

Lelong lelong~~ Anyone wants watermelon?

I'm so scare I might fall!!
(The expression doesn't match with this mural. So I substitute with the sticker)

The Upstair

Kakalina: I know kungfu, bro! Shall we?

Oh you want to fight with a broom? Okay I've got one!

What is dissss GET THIS OUT OF MY HAND!

Come, popeye! I challenge you who ate the most spinach!

Namo namo namo... thank you for your donation, Mehgan!

Fish: Weeeee! I'm dancing with the balloons!

Kakalina: Mari-mari, penguin sekalian! I've fresh fishes for you! *evil smile*

This fellar stole my line! 

The truth is, my real identity is a pretty butterfly~~~ *innocent look*

Angel's Familia! =)

"TELL ME NOW where did you hide all the foods?!?" *flying knifes passing through*
Kakalina: I really don't know!! *innocent cry*

Arghhhh!!! I'M TRAPPED!

Adeline seems very relax pulling that train.


Took quite sometime to figure out how to do with this. 

After some trials and advices by the staff, now it makes more sense!

Ken: Don't worry Nian En, Daddy is here!

I believe I can SWIMMM!

Phew~ How long you didn't wash your feet?!?

Hai kid, wanna take a climb with the time?

There you have it, some suggestions by your fellow local bloggers =)

You can also check on their facebook page for more ideas. Here are some of them which I find it creative:

I'm about to hatch!!

So cute this baby!

I should have though of this haha!

Aik? Two Uncle-Five?!?

Overall I'd fun experience with 5D Art Studio, especially with those helpful staff and cheerful blogger team. I think I shouldn't be a typical IT-ian when it comes to blogging lol!

Malacca 5D Art Studio
39, Lorong Bukit Cina,
(Next to Capitol Satay Celup)
75100 Melaka.
Contact: 013-387 5555 / 017-992 6665 / 016-207 1010
Operating Hours: 9am - 10pm daily
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Malacca-5D-studio-Melaka-1648528958736955/

Fun, interesting & creative place to hang around. Definitely will recommend this to my friends and family!

Special thanks to the Models: Kakalina, Angel, Ken, OhFishiee, Adeline, Sin Mun, Mehgan, a random girl, a 5D staff & Uncle-Five (the owner) =)


  1. Touched that you appreciate my efforts to gather everyone although I myself isn't the organiser. :)
    Hope to celeb Xmas together with you again this year.

    Enjoy reading your blog post my dear. Very funny! ^_^ Love it!
    I will re-share your blog post in my fan page next week. Update you again ;)

    1. Why thank you for your kind words, dear! Thanks for being supportive as well! :D

      We'll definitely celebrate Christmas together again. I bet it would be fun! :)

  2. wah...this is crazy....you blog it very well...

  3. Nian En no expression at all, hahahaha. Nice blog!

  4. If i join you guy, I think 3 of us will be crazy loh. haha. The 5D art museum really nice.

  5. wah who is that leng lui poser? :P hahaha thanks alot wor!

  6. so cute the cartoons and all the pics ...

    i might said ü're creative gal!

  7. Another place to hang around in Malacca.. Looks great!

  8. Wow, you all have fun to take photos! I missed it since I back to my hometown, Penang! Penang also have many 3D Trick Art Museums. First time, Malacca do 5D Trick Art museum so nice! :)

  9. we hear alot of 4D but this is 5D and it is in melaka. quite cool

  10. WOW this place looks so cool! I would love to go there to take photos too

  11. so cute!
    going there with my family during CNY

  12. wohooooo!!funny funny...you gals really have good fun time there. If go to this kind of place cannot shy one...must dare to do the pose.

  13. What an amazing time you had there. I can't wait to have my own first-hand experience too.

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  15. pretty interesting place to visit and take photos, selfies etc.....

  16. All the picture looks so fun. Can't help but to stare at each one of it. The caption is hillarious too. HAHA. I dont even got the chance to go to 3D one now have 5D already.

  17. SD Art studio is truly making 3d art and ideas that i can't imagine and you guys have discovered something which great to visit once and take your family along with to bring more fun in your family

  18. Love this place that offer many good 5D art to play and pose with! Definitely will give this place a visit some day =D

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    You guys are so enjoy e.. I want to go there with my friends to take the crazy pictures!
    Wait for your Koh Lipe and Hong Kong trip post!

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  25. good place to hangout with family and friends! Good review


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