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Friday, 11 December 2015

Sending Off

I saw her left with a happy smile, and that matters the most.

So, my first and the closest best friend is finally married now! Today is the day where she fly back to Aussie as Mrs.

It feels so surreal how time passes by so fast, that it feels just yesterday we were a high school student, and now she's married (Ok maybe I'm exaggerating here, but that's just how I feel).  I still remember back then she once share how frustrated she feels upon her love life, as it seems there's no result at the end of the day, no matter how much she'd committed. But now, she's able to say out loud the whole world that she'd found the love of her life, with happy expression all over her face. She's the life example on how she dares to chase after her happiness. To get to such stage, she earns it, and she's definitely happy with her current life.

As her bestie, I'm very happy to see her dreams come true.

While I was typing this blog post, there were lots of things running through my mind, whenever I think about the moments I'm with her. As much as she value our friendship, her heart desires more towards love. I'm not surprised that she'll be the first one to get married among the four of us. Most of the times I wish the time wouldn't pass by so fast. At least I still have the chance to book her time, did crazy stuff together, talk crazy stuff, the girls talk, the sleepovers etc. I'm very well aware that when the time comes, where she got married, we probably won't be doing all these stuff anymore, as she has her own family now.

Not that she's that type of traditional woman. Based on the years of knowing her, she'll surely make time for friends. Probably much lesser time as she'll be concentrated more on raising up her family.

I always knew the time will come, and I'm very well prepared for it. Hence, when the big date approaching, I do what I can to ensure that I had the craziest memories with her, for one last time maybe. Being her bridesmaid is the most craziest task I've ever done! I did lots of first time, help set up stuff, be her driver when she needs a lift to buy her wedding stuff, try my best to fulfill all her requirements, more like a living slave to her throughout this six months if you ask me.

On her big day itself, I did all I can to contribute her wedding set up, from early in the morning till midnight. Not even my next day of 10 hours of sleeps could prevent me from working like zombie on Monday. Sounds more like I'm getting married lolol. This is probably the most craziest things I've ever done for her!

People may think that I'm crazy, of all the things I've done. Honestly, I've thought so. Admittedly, I do questioned myself why do I have to do so many things for her? Is it all worthy, to stay up at wee hour to help her stuff? To go allllll the way to Kepong just to buy her wedding stuff? And kena saman at the end lol. 

But I guess this is how I love her. At the end of the day, it's how we sees things, not others. If I think it's worthy, it'll be worthy. After all, there won't be next time. I want to give all I can to create memories, and I bet it'll be so much fun whenever we talk about this in the future.

The night before she fly off, I went to her house to sort out all the weddings deco leftover stuff. Before I left, she gave me a warm hug, and a thank you word for helping her up to organize her wedding.

At this moment, I cried. This is it! She'll be leaving us to build a family together with her new husband! With all the blood and sweat I've been pouring out throughout this 6 months, I'm glad that I did my part, to be part of her important journey.

When I see the happy smile on her face, it matters all.

We may no longer go back to where we used to be together, but it has become part of our happiness memories. Time will take away physical things, but it won't take away our memories. 

Thank You Crazygirl, for allowing me to be part of your life, for entering to my life, to create this crazy memories together. I'm extremely glad that you first approached me 12 years ago, where I'm alone and not looking forward to have an awesome high school life. Because of you, I never knew my high school days can be so happening! The people I meet, the days I've been living by, until now it's still the best memories I've ever had! No matter where we go, where we are, You'll still my best friend and a sister! I'll never forget the days we spent time together. Here's my sincere wish to you and your hubby a very blissful marriage life ahead!

After the Crazygirl's wedding, I get quite number of people asking me who'll be the next to get married among the three of us. The future maybe unpredictable but if you stick to what you see, it's very obvious it's not gonna be me lolol.

I still believe God has a wonderful plans for me.


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