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Monday, 26 October 2015

Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear

Yeap, I made my last minute decision to come to this place, alone.

I must be out of my mind but since it's sponsored, and it's my very first-time Halloween experience. I was like: why not?

While I get this ticket, my heart keep pondering: No turning back! No turning back!

Here I come!! 

This is what I did/observe at Nights of Fright 3. Maybe you want to have some preparation before you embrace yourself?

#1 There are 13 attraction, 10 Amusement Park.

(Click on the image for larger view)

This is their official map. I'm pretty sure that I did cover all on that day itself, excluding those 3D shows / theatres. However, I feel I've left out some after looking at this map.

Anway, here are the places I went on that day:

Halloween Cementary
Where most ghost gathers!

Scream Park
Didn't went in because I was alone.

Also because they have this scary looking ghost appears in front of me out of nowhere.

Sadaka Dori
Right here you can find some Japanese Ghosts.

The Mummy’s Revenge Tomb of Terror
You know, the Mummy return that movie?

I never knew they have hotel saloon owned by Cleopatra.

Blood Alley
Chinese ghost's favourite place?

I think so...

Carnival of Chaos
The place where you win dolls, ridding with horses..

Looking at this scene does makes you feel creepy, no?  

#2 Ghosts were everywhere!

Yes, tons of them!

Sorry for the blur picture. 

*Creepy Smile*

I'm feeling good to scare you, yo!


Buy my drink, or else...

There are actually more but I don't want to scare you. You're welcomed.

#3 You need to embrace yourself!

Because the ghost will not give up chasing after you!

If you are afraid, chances are they will follow you whenever you go!

And they will stick with you, as long as they can!

#4 You are sensitive towards surrounding!

Really Thank God for bumping into Adeline! At least I'm not alone exploring around and facing all these creepy creatures lol!

Fine, next time I'll try my best to bring a partner, ok?

#5 When you have companion, you feel more daring to visit their theatre/studio!

There were tons of theatre / studio open to public, which meant to scare you off. Because I was alone at the first place, I did not dare to go in. (Who am I gonna hold when I was scared?!? LOL)

Thank God that I manage to bump into Adeline and her BF, at least there will be friends to accompany me.

This is the theatre we choose to go in.

Anyway, we tried one and decided to call it off. (That's how scary it was) There are other better activities to do than challenging our blood pressure, which brings to my next point:

#6 While you're not inside the theatre, or being chased by the ghosts, these are still other things you can do!

Having a cup of blood at Scream cafe, perhaps?

Or become a mosquito just for a day?

Wanna taste my blood?

Dear Ms Fortune Teller, please tell me know whether I'll get married one day?

If you think those ghost are not worth your match, you can transform yourself into ghost.

#7 Did I just say they have 10 amusement park?

Yep there are total of 10 amusement park operating on the event. If you think those ghost could not challenge your lungs, maybe these will make you feel so.

Well, it doesn't work for me.

Approximate every one hour, there will be special performance by Mr. Chaos, a human-decayed zombie with a sole mission to create a carnival of chaos, and his new bride Ms. Havoc as you explore their world of chaotic frightfulness!

Mr Chaos: Are you gonna mess with me?

One of the performance lead by Mr Chaos and his Co.

I must say, the whole thing itself makes me feel like I'm in Tokyo during halloween festival! Bumping with those creepy ghosts, got challenged with my blood pressure and lung, it's worth the money to experience a different kind of Halloween this year.

For only RM58 per person, you got to experience the unlimited rides and attractions available throughout the Amusement Park.
Admission ticket online @ 1 pax for RM 45, 2 pax for RM 80. 

Visitors may dress up in their spookiest outfits to attend Nights of Fright 3. However, you are not allowed to wear face masks or theatrical makeup to the event nights.

Daytime park guests who wish to “Feel the Fear” at Nights of Fright 3 on the same evening as their visit, may enjoy a special rate at only RM35.

For more information, call 603 5639 0000, or visit and


  1. Dear, thanks for drawing me in your comic. Happynya! ^_^
    没想到妳把我这句话“再不玩我们就老了!” 收下,我原本想写在我的部落格内,可是被某人ban掉,呵呵!
    勇敢的安菲儿!Proud of you! ;)

  2. still leave few day to catchup it. Due to busy schedule n kid below 12 yo are not accourage(no one take ) , i unable to make it this year . hope to join it .

  3. wow~~ i am quite tempt to come when you mention the 10 amusement park, 13 attraction, with those scray shit looking ghost~~ haha

  4. Looks so scary so it's brave of you. I am unsure if I dare to go in.

  5. scary night to go, I am sure fun for Halloween fan. This year no plan yet to go as been very busy.

  6. haha...I in the coming too har????? Blek... But thumb thumb to you. brave girl.. if I go, you carry me loh

  7. Wow you really daring to go in alone! Don't ask me go and I sure will dizzy lol

  8. I salute for your courage! I faint die overthere if I am the one who go there. Nightmare. Turned out many halloween invitation events due to...I so 'penakut hantu'! isk isk isk

  9. I was there too! But didnt manage to bump into you. Very brave leh you went alone. haha. But i hope you had fun :D

  10. The place looks so scary. Even got Chinese ghost. Don't think I dare to go. Ha ha ha...

  11. you should have went with another friend and it might not be so creepy. My partner in crime was easily frighten so I had a good laugh watching her antics.

  12. OMG! I am finally in your drawing! So cute la! Nice to see you on that night too. you should take that ride. :D

  13. Hahaha so cute la your drawing with Adeline! Too bad not able to make it to this event XD Nice pic and story you draw hehe!

  14. oh I love your comic! hehe. Would like to meet you in person one day. And oh, I don't think I will be able to survive the night being frightened left and right! :P

  15. My goodness this really looks scary and it is quite a fun event for people who really enjoy it.

  16. wah brave la you, go alone alone. :P

    so lucky met a friend there ya .. y no bring me! hehe.
    I was supposed to go, but cannot make it, really too busy nowadays.

  17. The event was so much fun, had great time there with my bunch of friends too :)

  18. Read a lot of news about this event.. Yours are the most creative and not scary one... Thanks for the comic make me feel better with Halloween.. haha... BTW, This festival is not for me.. If I join, I think I can't sleep few months!!!! @@

  19. 再不玩我们就老了 !!

    我也在新加坡的universal 花钱让别人吓...

  20. scary scary, for those who love scary stuffs this is just perfect for them la. for me i too scared!

  21. This is so scary! Happy halloween!~ Nice one!~

  22. cute la! Sometimes I tend to scare myself too.

  23. So cute la your cartoons. Doubt I would ever go for that night of fright tho. I'm just a scardycat. lol

  24. Interesting and a must visit this Halloween. Joined last year Night of Fright, too bad that i missed this year event.

  25. Great blog, i like it. Thank for your comment on my blog. Hope to see you again soon..


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