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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Clean every part of your teeth with Systema 3D Clean!

That's what I think la. I know the dentist bill can be sky rocket just to get your tooth fixed, especially nowadays I *ahem* ate too much? (The efforts to work out 5 days a week just gone down to the drain)

However, I could not narrowed down my choices for toothbrush. Either I'm super lazy to do my own research or there are too many good choices on the market which I've no idea which will suits me.

Which is why, I was very delighted to be invited to Systema 3D clean’s roadshow event:

When I first heard about Systema, to be honest I thought it’s just another toothbrush brand. Still, I attended the event for the sake of my teeth.

I've no idea that it's No.1 toothbrush brand in Japan!! (I began to think I've been living in the cave all the while..)

So what’s this Systema 3D Clean?

It is Systema’s new product designed to remove 63% more plaque than other tapered toothbrushes. Made for the toughest food, the 0.02mm Multi-Cleaning 3D Bristles aim to clean every part of your teeth.

Systema comes with 7 designs to suit your preference. The 3D Clean (center in this picture) is their latest product.

Using their sink.

Dup dup dup, the moment of truth!

I must have been blind for not knowing Systema.

It’s the finest and smoothest toothbrush I’ve ever used!!

It able to penetrate in between of my teeth, and able to each my back ones too! The toothbrush itself can even work as tongue brusher I felt refreshing inside my mouth. I can consider not visiting my dentist to have my tooth clean lol!

After cleaning my teeth, I proceed to have my tooth check-up!

The dentist who was busy checking our teeth using her PC.

My unglam picture of wisdom tooth.

So she spotted that I’ve two wisdom tooth grow on my lower back teeth. The bad news I've ever received on the roadshow lol. Sigh, need to fork out some money to have them removed.

Put aside, I'm still thankful that the dentist manage to find out. Having a wisdom tooth is beyond your control. It's safe to be checked than never.

You can get Systema 3D Clean at any retail pharmacies at the price of RM 11.50. On the event itself, Systema offers promotion whereby you can Buy 2, Free 1 at RM 12.90! (Not for 3D Clean of course)

So the queue was unexpectedly long!

Overall, I’m very satisfied with Systema 3D Clean. I’m considering having it for the sake of saving some money not to visit the dentist (I know it’s not possible but there are lots of things is under our control).

Thank you Systema for having me to try your new product! I am looking forward to see what you’ll bring to us in the future!

For more information about Systema 3D Clean, you can check out their website at or official Facebook page


  1. Now I know why you din join me drink coffee lah lol. Rupa-rupanya dah pergi gosok gigi. Since you highly recommend this brand, I go buy lah~


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  3. aiya,today i go already don't have...55555555555

  4. Hahaha so funny ur comic! Toothbrush couldn't help in ur wisdom tooth eh :P just gotta get it extracted

  5. so important to clean our teeth. I love your comic. I am your fan!!!!

  6. I use oral b all the while. Hmm. But this looks pretty good too. :)

  7. Wash teeth everyday ya . I know you love food but teeth is important with Systema :P

  8. I love the newly launched toothbrush too as it protects my gums. No more pain and bleeding gums. Yeah...

  9. That new toothbrush looks mighty fine! I gotta grab two of that for me and my husband.

  10. like ur blog. always come with qq comic with the story telling !

  11. I didn't know they will feed you before reviewing the toothbrush! Should I have known... XD Just joking.

  12. I like your comic! i have been a systema fans for long!

  13. nice comic and the toothbrush is good to use too.

  14. I love systema toothbrush... it makes my gum happier as they do not bleed anymore

  15. After reading so many good review about this toothbrush, I bought 1 and it was really so soft and nice to use! I think I have wisdom tooth growing on my lower back of my teeth too! haha

  16. I like you xD
    I used to think the same also, it's just toothbrush, doesn't matter what brand as long as it gets the job done, right? But truth is, I have horrible teeth. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll go try it and see if my teeth gets better.


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