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Thursday, 8 October 2015

BingSu Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

Where to get this Durian Mango Bingsu?

Only at Bingsu Cafe!

I've been hearing good reviews about BingSu cafe for quite some times. Being wanting to visit this cafe for a long time but it's either I'm too darn lazy to get my ass out of my house, or I simply do not have food kaki to join me.

Many thanks to Kakalina recommended Seetie to me, I've got the priviledge to be invited by Seetie and Bingsu Cafe, to try their awesome Bingsu!

Apparently Fruit Waffle is their new menu. I will touch on this later on.

As I entered to the cafe, I was in awe with their cleanliness, cozy, not much of comfy but a great place to chill after a hot day outside / for supper.

Smile, waiter~

Their cake section.

Their ice-cream section.

Awwww how cute!

Their mini-bar section.

I spotted lava carton!!

These are their second floor. It's much quite and comfy. This is a place for people who don't want to get away from the noisy environment aka downstairs.

Do you feel the Japanese Korean feel?

And then, the Bingsu moment!

#1 Injeolmi Bingsu - RM 12.90
Korean ricecake and red bean

injeolmi bingsu
I was so surprised with how smooth their bingsu is! I mean, the ricecake does taste very natural. Perfect combo for ricecake and bingsu!

#2 Mango Cheese Bingsu - RM 17.90
Bingsu Cafe's Second Best Seller.

The mango was so smooooooooth! So does the cheese! Notice the little white cube just beneath the ice cream? That's cheese!

#3 Belgian Chocolate Bingsu - RM 17.90
Girl's favourite.

The little brown cube is actually brownies. With the chocolate flake surrounding the bingsu, it does give me a romantic feel (don't ask me why, I just think like this). It's no wonder the first choice among the females!

Behold, Bingsu Cafe's star dish:

#4 Durian Mango Bingsu - RM 18.90

Together with the rest of seeties, we kept praising how delicious their Mango Durian Bingsu is. Not only it taste good, the durian ice-cream itself gives me a natural and homemade feel I can taste their durian flavour more than the ice-cream! And did I just said their Mango is so smooth? It does make you feel as if you are at the beach enjoying a cup of Durian Mango Bingsu, except it's not a coconut you're holding with.

#5 Banana Caramel Waffles - RM 14.90
Bingsu Cafe's new menu.

Where can I get such waffle with crispy outside, soft insideeeeee?
(Ok maybe Chequers? Will blog separately.)

At Bingsu Cafe, you can also ordered ice-cream alone. These are the available flavours (together with Durian which is missing from this picture). Whether you believe it or not, the truth is all these are home made!

The best seller, according to the owner, is Chocolate, Espresso and Coconut. I myself love the espresso and coconut as both of them has a stronger original flavour which pretty much cover the whole ice-cream.

Seeties tried to find a way to take a better ice-cream picture. 

We mingled around until 9.30pm, there's when the crowd hits (for supper):

So the owner couldn't chat with us for long. (We understand that! :))

If you would like a great place for a good supper, be it alone or with a group of friends, I (do) highly recommended BingSu Cafe! I really do! BingSu Cafe offers variety choices of bingsu to suits your personal choice.

bingsu damansara uptown cafe

Love deserts like I do? Check out Chequers @ TTDI which specialises in waffles. Read my full review on Chequers here.

BingSu Cafe

28, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: +603-77333086
Business Hour: 12PM - 12AM Daily


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