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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Okonomi @ Publika

I know we are not a sushi master, so we probably won't enjoy our own customize sushi.
But what if, your customize sushi turns out to be good, too?

Two weeks ago I'd the privilege to participate a food review session with the Food Inkers, at Okonomi. Okonomi has just recently launched a new menu so we were invited to taste their new sets of food on that day itself.

To be honestly speaking, I'm really excited about this session. I've been hearing good reviews about Okonomi. Moreover, it's Japanese food omgggggg!

So what's in Okonomi? What's its special?

What’s your roll? If this is the first time you have heard about this line, we do not blame you. Perhaps you have seen lots of post about these beautiful customized sushi roll and mouth watering Matcha desserts at your Instagram and Facebook. All these comes from a same restaurant – Okonomi in Publika, which is also the first and only in Malaysia at the moment. Being open to the public just 6 months in the market and it has gain lots of positive reviews and wonderful feedback on social media.

Okonomi strives to create something different by giving more options. They serve mainly Japanese fusion menu highlighting the customized Maki rolls. From a choice of 40 different fillings, 20 types of sauces and dressings as well as 16 different toppings, you can make your own Maki roll according to your liking. Even if you failed to make up your mind, Okonomi also offers house rolls created by the chef.

you choose... we roll :)

Drinks ordered by Food Inkers
1) Matcha Azuki Shiratama Latte - RM 14.90
2) Azuki Shiratama Float - RM 14.90
3) Matcha Latte Float - RM 12.90
4) Azuki Latte with whipped cream - RM 10.90

Other than the Maki rolls, their salads, rice, and pasta also receive positive feedback from their customers. They have wide range of ice cream, parfaits, waffles and lava cakes. Their star product is the Matcha lava cake. They even make their own soft serve ice cream that is irresistibly good.

Here are the list of foods we tasted on that day:

#1 Ebi Fry (5 pieces) – RM15.90
Deep fried succulent breaded prawns

Love how crispy and smooth their prawn is!

#2 Tempura Squid – RM25.90
Tempura battered deep fried crispy squid slices

Their squids were cooked very chewy!!

#3 Caeser Salad Roll – RM19.90
Uramai, soy wrap, white rice, chicken karaage, crispy coral lettuce, boiled egg, croutons, grated parmesan cheese & cheddar mayo

This is my favourite! I absolutely love their cute little cubes!! Put that sushi all inside your mouth, you can taste how smooth their surface is within a second.

#4 Crunchy Crab – RM26.90
Uramaki, seaweed, white rice, Hokkaido crab meat, soft shell crab, carrot, tempura crunch, togarashi & cheddar salad dressing

I'm a soft-shell crab lover, and this hasn't never let me down! (Simply delicious!)

#5 Mango Prawn Salad – RM20.90
Succulent prawns, mangoes and Japanese cucumber topped with tobiko & a mango salad dressing served over mixed greens & cherry tomatoes.

Okonomi must be good at cooking their prawns! 
This is their second prawn related dish and it's so smooth!
Their mangos were just right, not too hard and not too sweet/sour.

Make sure you pour the dressings in!

#6 Unagi Pasta – RM32.90
Fresh grilled unagi served with a teriyaki glaze.

That pastaaaaaaa!

#7 Chicken Gratin – RM18.90
Generous portion of juicy chicken & mixed mushrooms in rich cream sauce

This is probably one of the best chicken I've ever had. Try it, it will not let you down! ;)

#8 Prawn Kakiage – RM18.90
Deep fried tempura battered prawns with a teriyaki glaze, carrots and onions garnished with spring onions.

This probably my least favourite but still, it's not bad!

#9 Matcha Lava Cake – RM18.90
A rich matcha cake filled with delicious matcha chocolate molten lava, drizzled with powdered sugar and served with vanilla ice cream, matcha chocolate sticks & fresh strawberries. 15 minutes preparation time

Behold, their star dessert!

At first I thought their lava was too sweet. As I took it with the cake, I understand why patrons keep come back for their Matcha Lava Cake.

Not only it's special, the cake were soft so it will melt instantly with the lava inside your mouth.
My advice is to share it with a group of 2-3 because it will makes you full instantly!

We also tried their Chocolate Lava Cake because it was too good!

My self-made #foodcomic lol.

Tried their ice-cream, complimentary from Okonomi (and it was good!)

As mentioned above, you got the chance to customize your own sushi/roll. All you need to do is to get this piece of paper, tick what you want and Okonomi will done the rest!

The chef will give some advice to you on making your customize sushi/roll even better!

This is our group's customize sushi. It was supposed to be green but the chef gave us some tips and we gladly obliged. We were glad that we listened to him as it turns out pretty well!

Here are other's team customize sushi/roll:

Erm, not sure what they got here.

The dish that closely resembled ours sushi.

The most spicies sushi on the table (they put chili flakes on top). They call it nasi lemak sushi!

Okonomi caters for hipster youngster who seeking for different kinds of sushi / roll on their plate. If you are bored with sushi prepared by the chef, come experience with Okonomi!

A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60126629041
Business Hour: Tues - Sun 11am to 11pm (Monday Closed)

Service: Served
Price Range: RM 10.00 - 30.00
Halal: Pork Free
Reservation: Recommended
Wi-FI: Available
Payment method: Credit Card,Cash
Additional Info: Smoking area, Air-conditioning, No Pets Allowed
Chef Recommended: Create your own sushi roll!

Special thanks to Okonomi & Food Ink once again, for having me to taste your delicious food! ^^


  1. A good exp by making you very sushi. ^_^

    1. Yeah, although it was not made by us XD

    2. I like your #1 Ebi Fry's comic. Your mouth is big enough. XD #7 Chicken Gratin's. So cute! Okay lah since you draw so sing ku. I'll find a day go with my friends. *wink*

    3. Thanks dear!! ^^ Haha, I'm good at expressing myself in comic way, so I make my life "more difficult" by doing this lol.

  2. Thats super cute comic strip u have there!! :D i miss their matcha lava cake d

    Xoxo, FiSh @ www.ohfishiee.com

  3. So anyone can just go in to make their own sushi or it's just a one off thing?

  4. Hey not bad leh, can customize your own sushi according to your favorite food. Tried their ice-cream once only, & it is nice! :D

  5. I first time to hear about them can do what sushi u want to decide... Good, delicious desserts? :D My Deaf friend and I will try there!


  6. How wonderful that you get to make your own sushi. By the way, the Chocolate Lava Cake looks sinful!

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