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Friday, 4 September 2015


One thing you should know about Anfieldyee, is that though she can recommend good food, the truth is: she can't cook.

However, I believe it helps me a lot to appreciate the good food! #lameexcuse

Back to the topic. I was never a food lover. I mean, I hardly can cook, I have no idea how good food should taste like in my young days until I watch Masterchef Australia in Melbourne. When you are in Aussie, it's not too difficult not to watch this show.

I think Masterchef is a successful TV reality show, regardless of any country. At least it inspires me to cook up in the kitchen (which is not very successful hahaha). True enough that the Australia's version had brought it to another level, but I honestly think that with the right marketing way, it should able to have many people's attention.

Which is why, I'm glad to hear that Masterchef is going to have an Asia version way coming now!

Just last two weeks I manage to attend the "Masterchef Asia Meet & Greet Session" at Mid Valley.

It was a small meet and greet session. Not much of an audience but more than enough to catch many shopper's attention (well, this is Mid Valley tho). Perhaps Masterchef is pretty new here. Let's see if Masterchef Asia could stir up the Masterchef craze in Malaysia! Or maybe Asia.

So what's Masterchef?

In case you are wondering, it's a cooking competition where the top amateur cooks in that particular country will compete each other to win the Masterchef. Masterchef is originally from the UK. However, it started to gain international recognition from Masterchef Australia at 2009. That's also how I started to know there's Masterchef US & UK, but not much of chasing. To this date, I am still sticking to Masterchef Australia.

With the Masterchef Australia's popularity, I guess that pretty much influence them to come out with Masterchef Asia. So Lifetime will be broadcasting a total of 15 episode of Masterchef Asia. 15 Contestant ranges from China, HK, Taiwan to South East Asia will be taking part in this challenge. Each episode comes with one of the contestants will be eliminated. The last survivor will, of course, become the very first Masterchef Asia winner!

That clockkkk! I think it had tortured many contestants lol.

The tasting table.

The kitchen. 

The meet & greet session. There were 30 mins delayed -____-

 The Judges: Susur Lee, Audra Morrice and Bruno Menard

The Malaysian contestants represented by our 3 biggest race - Sophia (Malay), Marcus (Chinese) and Jasbir (Indian). How proud!

Obviously we only can meet those Malaysian contestant but everything I've watched on the TV became so surreal. Their kitchen set is not as complete as it what it suppose to but just enough for a little old fan, namely me, to keep myself happy. =)

Thank you, God,  for allowing me to experience a small part of Masterchef. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Masterchef Asia got, and also to give support to our Malaysia Team. GO GO GO Malaysia!! Made us proud!

You can catch Masterchef Asia at Astro Lifetime: Channel 709 every Thursday 9pm.
For the non-Astro user / in case you've missed the previous episode, you can watch online after one week of broadcast at http://www.msn.com/en-sg/lifestyle/masterchefasia.
Their official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MasterChefAsia

By the way, this is not a sponsor/ invite event in case you're wondering. I wish I were invited so I can collect the goodies bag & taking a selfie with the judges lol. I attended because I'm a Masterchef fans, and also how important Masterchef to me for my whole Foodie Adventure.

So food bloggers, how do you begin your foodie journey? Do share. 


  1. Dear, dont stop trying on cooking. Ganbatte kudasai!

  2. Maybe you can watch masterchef asia more then you can sharpen your cooking skills too! I cant cook either hahahah

  3. I love Masterchef series and I started watching from Masterchef USA with Gordon Ramsey and just started watching the Australian version. Masterchef Asia is great too! My favourite contestant is definitely Marcus from Malaysia!

  4. So lucky... I did not even know this was in town!!!!! =( rugi..rugi.....rugiiiiii

  5. Haha takes practice to be an amazing chef. Its fun to see chefs competing to be the number 1

  6. Hahaha love your comic strip. Well, practice makes perfect! Continue to try and who knows, you can be a contestant one day!

  7. I missed out Masterchef asia.. sob sob~~ Sounds like it's a good one!

  8. Good luck to Malaysian Chef. Hope they'll made us proud and let the world know that Malaysia had the best food here.

  9. Haha it's okay if you can't cook. Not all of the best and highly paid food critique knows how to cook. Haha.. For now, will definitely follow your recommendations for good places to eat at. :)

  10. cooking can be improved eventually. i love masterchef series too, always make wanna cook after watching

  11. Wow looks interesting there. I watch Masterchef series on TV but never on live before.


  12. You follow them? I also follow them in Facebook. I love the idea of preparing food.

  13. hehehe cute la the comic. :P cannot cook, then go small steps, start by cooking vegetables, its the easiest!

  14. didn't follow Masterchef Asia even though i am a big fan of masterchef australia and US. but ur comic look cute.

  15. i love to watch master chef asia
    banyak cabaran yg mereka kena tempuh utk masak menu2 yg terbaik dan hiasan

  16. Super cute la your comics, always cracks me up. Seriously my family love masterchef. Haven't got the time to watch the asia one, shall try watching it soon! :D

  17. Hahaha so funny, even the mamak food tastes better than yours, really that bad ah ;)

  18. Every week, my mom and I always watch MasterChef Asia online at the Lifetime website. You all should watch it online since tv epsiodes sponsored by Lifetime co. My mom really love to cook, but my mom stress with the limited time! :D

  19. hey! I watched Masterchef series too! am a big fan to it! too bad that I miss this event...
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  20. The drawing are too cute! Though I do have to agree with you on that end as Masterchef motivates me to cook too ;)


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