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Friday, 11 September 2015

Cafe Lafayette @ Damansara Uptown

When will I learn to be punctual? -____-

Anyway, here's the today's cafe review:

This round food ink had brought us to Cafe Lafayette. Not sure the meaning behind but all I know that the term came from Italy. Hence, that speaks this cafe offers fusion of Western and Italian cuisine.

Located the second floor, I notice that they have these cute little doodles printed on the wall along the way.

And what awes me is their comfort and cozy environment:

You can seat beside the bar, had a chit-chat with the owner / staff.

With variety choice of cake and beer beside you. 

Or you can seat beside the window,

Or on the couch zipping a cup of coffee,

With some romantic light bulb perhaps?

Or come with a big group.

Alot of choice huh?

Anyway, Malaysian doesn't mind where to seat. As long as the place has WIFI (which Lafayette does provide), delicious food with not too expensive, awesome coffee and comfy place.

Speaking of comfy, they have these good looking decorations around the cafe. 

Water is FOC :)

The dinner promotion

The Menu. Notice that they offer some vegetarian meal. 

Let's start with the drinks!

1) Irish Cream - RM 10

This is one of their signature drink. 

And how does it taste?

I'm no kidding; it tastes like coffee ice-cream! Except this is a liquid form. It tastes awesome and something special. You should try it!

2) Hot Chocolate - RM 11

It's quite sweet IMO but still acceptable. Dip that mash-mellow inside & I'm sure you'll like it!

3) Rose Cafe Latte - RM 11

I find this quite average, didn't taste much of rosy flavour.

4) Cafe Latte - RM 9

Another food inker's drink. Not sure about the taste but the pattern is too cute not to take a picture!

And now, food time!

1) Mushroom Risotto - RM 15.90

The above illustration says it all,

It was one of the best mushroom risotto I've ever tasted for a very long time! T______T

With that kind of price, I don't mind to have another bowl lol. Seriously, do take note of this dish. You won't regret it!

2) Orttagio Risotto - RM 15.90

This is cater for Vegetarian and it's equally nice as Mushroom Risotto. But I still prefer Mushroom Risotto.

3) Retromarcia Cordon Blue Fish - RM 26.90

I personally like how crispy the fish but I don't like the cheese on top.

4) Retromarcia Cordon Blue Chicken - RM 26.90

Same as above. However, I find the fish is better than the chicken's.

Put those two dishes together and it's hard to differentiate.

Does this look like you're eating a pizza? :P

*Back to food review mode*

5) Chicken Marryland - RM 17.90

One of my favourite dish T______T The chicken is so crispy that I'd like to have it all by myself, if possible T______T

And their mash potato is great! Not too hard and not too soggy. Just nice. Highly recommended!

6) Balsamic Mushroom Beef - RM 24.90

If you are a beef lover you'll gonna like this! 
It was well cook, chewy and not too hard like I always used to have. 

And the sauce too! I'm not sure what kind of ingredient they used but it really capture Angel's heart!

Oh, did I mention that their broccoli and salad taste as good as well?

7) Grilled Salmon with Pesto Sauce - RM 27.90

The sauce is made out of blended sweet basil leave which taste exceptionally delicious! The salmon was cooked perfectly well. Abit pricey, but that's what you ought to get for Salmon dish. 

8) Fried Mozarella - RM 12.90

Taste like the garlic bread we had at Pizza Hut, but this is much nicer! Maybe it's because it has the melting cheese on it? It would taste even better if you dip it with the sauce! 

These are special desserts prepared by the owner:

1) Chocolate Lava Cake 

Beautiful outside and moisture inside. The chocolate flow inside were able to melt the cake. Consumed with ice-cream, it will definitely not going to disappoint you! 

2) Strawberry Meringue

The Meringue is crispy and crunchy I feel like a kid eating her favourite sweets! XD

This is the owner of Cafe Lafayette - Mr. Jake Chiu.

We were shocked by how young and bold he is to start this cafe. My aunt commented that he has the leadership attitude to run this cafe lol. Graduated from non-culinary arts degree, he discovered that he enjoys cooking and had this vision to run a cafe one day. With his family's encouragement, he decided to go after his dream. And thus, the Cafe Lafayette is born!

Established at October 2014, I would say Cafe Lafayette is pretty successful seeing that the cafe has to face 3 competitors nearby (Frisson Coffee Bar & Fat Spoon besides and Japanese restaurant just beneath). Jake did share to us that one of his recent challenges is to cater more customer during lunch hour at the weekday, as his cafe is pretty small. But I think sooner he'll overcome it. :)

If you are bored, you can surf net (Free WIFI) or play board games right here.

Cafe Lafayette
75M, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Business Hours: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm (Daily)
Price Range: RM 14.90 - 27.90
Payment Method: Cash only
Other Info: Free Wifi, Pork Free, No Pets allowed, No GST & Service Charge

Cafe Lafayette maybe just another Hipster cafe. However, judging from its food taste, I would say the price is very reasonable. A worthy place for me to re-visit.

And if you don't, you should! In Lafayette, the Italian cuisine is never disappointing.

Special thanks to Cafe Lafayette and Food Ink again for having me to try your awesome food! ^^

I also did a review on the Japanese Restaurant below Cafe Lafayette called Wakon Japanese Restaurant. Full review here.



  1. hahaha, i really like their beef and risotto~~~~~~~

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    Lafayette的东西不错吃,朋友们又可以在那里一起玩board game,不错不错!

    1. 谢谢你的赞美~ XD
      对啊, 我们都有极力推荐Lafayette 给我们教会的人哦~ ^^

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