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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Today's prayer series will be praying for the victims involved in the recent Bangkok's bombing case.

I came across an article this evening that there were this 5 people in a big family had been killed in this bombing. From family trip to a funeral trip, I can't imagine how would those family and relative members would feel.

Bangkok is such a awesome place that I'd marked down instantly as my next destination to explore. It's very sad to see such place being blown up. Thanks to you, Mr Boomer, now I've hard time convincing my parents for me to travel to Bangkok!

Reportedly there are 22 dead and 123 injured to this date (source)

Hopefully the perpetrator will be bring into justice as soon as possible, Victims will be given the support needed to go through this traumas, and Bangkok will be back to normal as it is. Amen.

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