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Thursday, 13 August 2015

So this is the reason why am I not appearing in my blog for the last 10 days but FINALLY!! Of all of my hard work I've put in to search for the best deal, I'm able to have my very own domain name!!!

*Hurray!!!* *Throwing Flowers* *Celebration*

I always want an own domain. In fact, I actually purchased the domain at last year of August. I didn't use it right away, nor making any proper announcement, simply because I don't think I'll be using it for long term. Just because GoDaddy offers the cheapest domain registration fee than any other hosting could offer, I couldn't resists the temptation. RM 7 for a new domain?!? Sign me up please.

When the one year lease is up, I thought I would have to let it go, as the extension fee is rather over-budget. Not until I stumbled up 1&1 from Lowyat forum, which offers USD 0.99 for first year, I'd have it sign up right away!

I applied 1 year extension of my domain on 9 August 2015 (and also the day Liverpool won their first Premier League match of 2015/2016!!). Suddenly I realize I don't have any proper blog anniversary date for my dear blog. I might as well suggest 9 August to be. Not only the date is nice, both are chinese favourite number. Purrrrfect combo!

I thought I would have to bid farewell to However, God is always an amazing God. HE provides a rather affordable extension price to me, so I'm able to draw (seriously) for another year. Looks like HE already signal that I should continue to draw.. :)

So, what's new on

Obviously the link is different with more professional feels. :) Nevertheless, you can still come to my blog via It redirects.

Plus, some changes will be carried out pertaining to this newly domain:

This will be something new. It'll be more about my personal adventure, just because I'm very very excited to share my newly discover passion (which is Travel la)

Because many friends keep pestering me to blog about food review. 

Well, I can't abandon my origin, right?

Unless hippo is sick with Malaysia and decided to return, I can't find any reason not to blog about its adventure! All my hippocomics entry here.

Believe me, I'm really finding le inspirations from time to time..

I think it's a good thing that people nag you just because there cares about your blog. :)

Last but not least, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for those who'd supported me to continue blogging. As you can see, this blog does not have any influential wordings and fantastic pictures, or interesting topic to share, nor being featured in countless newspapers / medias. Maintaining comic blog is pretty daunting that I'm actually on a verge to close it down. Despite all, some of you never fail to show your support, encouragement me to do what I love to do, which is why I'm able to comic blog for 7 years.

To come this far is impossible without you guys. So, thank you!

Hopefully will have many more years to come! Here's to cheers another year of existing. #gambatehAnfieldyee

PS: Obviously I've to blog frequently, seriously and diligently, if I wish to make's existence more meaningful! 


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