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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I don't call myself a Chinese. I'm a Malaysian.

Was reading the recent news happened in our country and suddenly thought of this comic that I didn't get to publish at the first place. I think I was meant to draw it 2 years ago for this particular incident lol!

In case you do not know, it's about a recent Low Yat case that every Malaysians were talking about. I'm too lazy to elaborate as you can always ask Mr Google to understand what exactly had happened. Basically, it's about someone stole a hand phone in lowyat, got caught and beaten up, someone gather his gang to attack the store but got chased away by the management, and some people intend to seize this opportunity to make it become a race issue.

And here I'm keep pondering about how possibly a phone theft issue can become too racialise. I know, sometimes my country can be too complicated. 

Racism exists everywhere, no doubly. It's either mild or worse. Especially Malaysia is the multi-racial country. I'm actually not surprise that one day I woke up with another racism issue in the news paper. What I couldn't understand is that after for so many years of independence, there are these people remains just...well, too much racism? What's inside their mind that makes them think so? Their past traumas made them who they are? Encountered shite experiences with people from different races? Or not fully prepared to accept other race's culture? WHY? Usually it's action and words that causes racism, but my country is all because of a phone. -____-

One thing I love about Malaysia, is different kind of races that lives harmony together. OK maybe not that harmony as what is like to be in the TV but we celebrates festivals together, we eat each other signature dish together, we share our language together, we make different races of friends together, and heck, we celebrate each one another glories moments together! Different races lives harmony, this is something you cannot get it from other country.

I do have friends from other races and I don't find any problem mixing with them. Admittedly, some of the cultures from each races I may not comfortably accept it. But I'm thankful that Malaysia gives us the opportunity to respect one another, that I'm still able to be friends with them. At least I'm not living under constant teasing and fighting one another right here.

It would be sad to see if such incident would affects our unity as one nation. I hate to see this unity chain being broken in my country, especially Malaysia really needs us at this moment to face all the traumas together: politics, planes, flood, weak currency, GST, low oil price but increasing living cost, earth quake and don't tell me this will gonna be another issue? While I believe most of the Malaysians are more rationalize towards this case, I sincerely hope and pray that we can be more open-minded and not too judgmental. Why adamant to separate yourselves with others if there's no issue to live together?

I think the word "Malaysian" suits us more instead of being labeled as Chinese, Malay, Indian or other else. What do you think? 


  1. I think most "racist" malaysians are paid racists.. well deeper research will show that since british ruling, race division has been a tool used to keep the people from uniting against a certain power. When the people are not united, those in power will remain in power. Its also a distraction created to distract the people from the main focus.. you know what has been the highlight just before this racism issue emerged isn't it? Now some huge money laundering by a certain person in the government is no longer a highlight in the media.

    1. Hmm, good point tho :) Although I wish it would just be a purely misunderstanding.


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