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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cafe 9 @ Seksyen 17, PJ

I'm very surprise to see my churchmate - Angel in this food review session. She helps me alot in lowering down my paiseh-ness for being late. Ahaha!

I'm really apologize for that. Next time I try not to be so erm... Malaysians anymore.. LOL!

Anyway, here's my food review of the day:

Cafe 9 thai

As a Malaysian, I'm sure you would love to travel to Thailand. I mean, who doesn't? Awesome shopping, delicious food, top-notch hospitality, and most importantly, it's CHEAP! Since Malaysia shares the same kind of weather with Thailand hence it's not surprise that most Malaysians do love Thai food, despite its level of spiciness.

Cafe 9 is a Thai cafe that caters for Malaysians who misses Thai foods. It was established by 9 family members. The term "Cafe" is being used due to the fact that although the restaurant's main focus is on Thai dishes, it has been mixing around by the owner to suits Malaysian's taste bud (not too long they will come out a new menu: Thailand Nasi Lemak! A great reason for me to come back here! XD) The number 9 symbolize "Forever" in chinese, which the owner hopes that this cafe could continuously serves the customers and provide good quality foods forever.

As I walked into this cafe, I was in awe of their cleaniness. Tyma kept telling me that they got the latest Thai songs played here! XD

Alright, the reason why I was invited for this food review is recently I've join this foodie community called Food Inker. This is Stella, co-founder of Food Inker, introducing herself, food inker's activities and Cafe 9. She is by far, the nicest and politeness girl I've ever seen!

Food Inker was introduced by Angel (her blog). I thought since I love food, why not I join the community too? It never cross in my mind that I will get invited for a food tasting right after I registered!

I was really happy to be invited as you know... get to taste free food just because I'm a blogger! (some more I'm not very famous lol) I feel a sense of achievement even though it's just a small one. ^^

Now you make me wanna turn this blog into foodie blog.

The food came at 2.30pm, just in time for me to snap all the food pictures.

Foods that being served

1) Chicken Fried Rice - RM 10.00
fried rice
To me, this is kinda normal, or maybe other dishes were greater!

2) Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodles with Prawns - RM 25.90
But this one I don't mind having it all by myself! XD The Noodles were cook so well!

3) Massaman Curry Chicken - RM 18.90
Served with less sauce but packs a powerful flavor and can be tuned to be an ultimate spicy curry, which makes the curry so delicious T_____T This is a MUST-TRY dish! Unless you are a cinamon hater like Tyma. XD 

4) Tom Yup Soup
Only Prawn: RM25.90 (R), RM45.90 (L)
Seafood :      RM25.90 (R), RM45.90 (L)
Regular for 2-4 pax, Large for 5-8 pax

You can choose to have clear or red soup.

thai tom yum soup
What's not trying Thai cuisine without a Tom Yam Soup? I thought, prior to my experiences, a fine dining restaurants would not served a better version of Tom Yam soup I had in Khun Thai (usually it's either too spicy or too sour). Surprisingly, this soup was just.right. Sweet & sour flavour were mixed well!! I don't mind having all by myself. T______T

5) Fish Cake - RM 18.90
I LOVE Fish cake! So happy that Cafe 9 do serves fish cake. Not too hard and bouncy :P

6) Thai Prawn Cakes - RM 18.90
Now this is the real stuff: Cafe 9's signature + MUST-TRY dish! Try it, and you will have a wonderful dining experience here! (I'm not joking). The sad back is, you would need to wait for this dish as the kitchen will have to prepare on the spot in order to retain it's freshness and crunchiness! :)

7) Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings - RM 16.90
This caught our attention as we were wondering how they stuffed all the foods inside the chicken? Or that outer layer part is not a chicken? If that's so, why it's named with chicken wings?

Turns out that the outer part is REALLY a chicken! The kitchen will have to spend hours to take out all the inside before stuffing the popiah-kind of foods inside.

8) Dancing Fish
Small for 4pax      – RM44.90
Large for 6-8 pax – RM49.90

Apologize for the poor quality photos but this is also a delicious combini dish! Deep fried fish with meat cut to bite size and mango slides serving in 2 sizes. 

9) Thai Otak-Otak - RM 23.90
Where can you get Otak-Otak in coconut shell? :D The otak-otak was mixed with the coconut flesh. Special yet delicious. 

You guys should try this too!! Bear in mind that it was a little bit spicy lol! (To me lah)

10) Broccoli Served in Signature Egg Sauce - RM 15.90
Love the broccoli! T___T It's so good T_____T 
(and the sauce too! Mixing it with a bowl of rice is my kind of heaven)

This is a new dish which it's not in the menu yet. They are lalas mixing with the sauce that suppose to be used with Crab. It was Cafe 9's fusion meal and turns out that!!

Drinks + Desserts

1) Apple asamboi
Love the combi of Apple and asam!

2) Guava Asamboi
But this is better T______T

3) Woon Ma Prao (Coconut Jelly) - RM 6.90
Khun Pu sure will like this! All are coconuts XD

4) Sakoo Piak Tua Dum - RM 8.90
 My favourite dessert!! Sago with black bean in coconut milk. However, the milk is so rich I feel full instantly after a few slip @@

Look at the amount of sagos they haveeeeee!

A very straight forward Tyma..

This is the owner of Cafe 9. It was very nice of him to check on every customer, to make sure that each customer will get their excellent dining experience at Cafe 9. After he done with his things, he came in to give us some chit-chat, talk about how he got the idea of opening this cafe and also the foods. To ensure that customers will get the same taste they used to taste it in Thailand, he went through all the way to get all the ingredients imported from Thailand!! Well, maybe not all as some of the ingredients can only be made in Thailand. But that shows how much effort and love he put into it.

To sum it overall, cafe 9 is a great place to dine in. I'm not saying this because I was being offered with food review session. In fact, I once dine in as a customer as Cafe 9 is very close to my church =). It's not just the awesome food they have, but awesome customer service and the hard work that the owner has put in.

If you miss Thai food very much, you can consider bringing your group of friends to dine in here, and tried all the foods I've introduced here! XD You might also want to check out Boat Noodles which appears to be a very popular Thai noodle shop lately! My full review of Boat Noodles here.

Thai cafe pj

Café 9 "a taste of Thai" @ Seksyen 17
No 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business hours : Wed - Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Facebook :
Food Ink :
Anfieldyee's rating: 8/10

Great Thai food, great services with hardworking owner. I don't mind bringing my friends to try it here again!

Special thanks to Food Inker to organize this food review session! My stomach is anytime ready for the next one. XD


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  21. I love the comic ! Thai food - I love the tomyam seriously ! Cute Stella !

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  28. I totally love your cute comic.. Love it.. Makes the blog so much more fun!!!!!


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