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Friday, 17 July 2015

A Year Of Pain

It has been a year since MH17 was brought down!

This proves that either I do not trust what's written in (particularly) the newspaper, or I'm just haven't woke up from my lala-land (aka dreamland).

The memories of MH17 shoot down is still fresh as if it happened just yesterday! From TVs, radios, newspapers, social medias, face-to-face discussion (even the kids knows what happen to MH17 & MH370! Kids nowadays... SALUTE! lol), MH17 never leaves out of topic! I even remember the wreckage of footage was everywhere whenever I go, including the class I attended a year ago.

Now a year has passed by with a blink of eye but no one come out to claim this heavy responsibility. All we are seeing right now is pointing fingers with no proper closure. Politics can be dirty, can destroy a person's home. I know this case is not easy. I'm just pity over the affected family members of this incident.

Indeed there's nothing much we could do but the least we can do is offer prayers for the family members. It has been a year of grief. May the soul rest in peace, may the family members get the right closures as soon as possible, 

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