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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Two Pesos @ PJ SS2

This had taught me a very important lesson,
that the best time to dine in a popular restaurant is to wait until the craze has fade away! XD

Immediately after I parked  my car, I was offered to an empty table right away. No need to beat the queue. How lucky I am!

The inside.

But there's one problem:

I wonder if this is their marketing strategy, to cause the assumption to people out there that this is a must-dine in restaurant.

Just kidding. The reason why Two Pesos is because of the price and menu they offered:

The menu. This is before GST was implemented. 
(And also a prove of how backdated this post is LOL)

One pot cost like RM 11 - 17 for one person!! #OMGGG

Most of the steamboat restaurant in Malaysia offers buffet or set type, which could cost more than RM30. If you are not a big eater, eating steamboat is not a thing for you.

But Two Pesos sees the existing of steamboat lovers who just want to enjoy one-person portion with reasonable price! (aka me) I guess this is why it's popular!

After tick on your menu order and give it to the cashier, your food will be prepped and sent to your place immediately. 

I ordered Milky Seafood pot with Yee Mee.
You can choose Mee Hoon or Rice if you don't want Yee Mee.

So it's milk..

I was in awe. It's one of the best steamboat I've ever had!!
The milk soup taste like soup lor.. XD Albeith taken lots of zip and feeling another awe again! XD 

My friend ordered the signature Two Pesos's Stone Pot with Yee Mee, too.

Got private chef to cook meat for you! XD

The fried meat is pretty much juicy, crispy and tender, different from the one that I need to soak inside the soup but both are equally nice. It depends on whether you want a steam or fried way!

And for those steamboat foods... well, I thought it was good too, although they look normal to me. Must be the soup that did the magic! XD

The waiter is so nice enough to notice that I've taken so much of  milky soup and left no more milk to cook my yee mee, so he got another bottle of milk for me. Sho sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

I can cook my Yee Mee now! ^^

By the way, you should order Yee Mee. I guarantee that you'll not regret the rest of your life for not ordering it!

It was so awesome and worthy I decided to dine in for the second time! ^^

My second time includes GST T____T

Friend ordered Mongolian Herb Pot with Mee Hoon

The soup tastes herbally but deliciousssss! If you are herb lover, this is for you!

steamboat ss2 pj
While me trying their new menu: Italian Tomato Pot with my beloved Yee Mee! 
Even their pot is a tomato shape! XD

They use the tomato sauce + the real tomato to make it into tomato soup

I don't like tomato but this is the BEST tomato soup I've ever had! It must be the sauce how can a fresh tomato alone do the magic?!?

As you can see, each pot contains LOTSSSS of vegetables. It's like made up of 65% vegetables 35% non-vegetable. Pretty healthy steamboat if you ask me. 

If your soup is just another soup, you are ought to refill by yourself.

The sauces.

The mixing sauces that turns out very yummy.
I like it when I've onion and fried garlic in my sauce!

Two Pesos ss2
More crowds at night. Ok la actually the craze is still there LOL.

Usually the crowds form after 7.30pm, so try to come around 6.30pm to escape the crowd.

I adamant to try other flavours & I'll definitely come here again. SOOOO... anyone wants to join me? XD

Check out Golden Dragon Boat Restaurant if you like Chinese food. The full review here.

Two Pesos Malaysia SS2

No.7, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7865 2072
Business Hours: 12:00 – 3:00 pm, 6:00 – 11:00 pm Everyday


  1. I finally tried this awesome steamboat place!

  2. I have tried the one in Kota Damasara but not SS2, always packed and full haha. I didn't quite like the Tomato Soup, but the Mongolian Herb is yums! :D

  3. Haha looks good but i dont like queueing eh T.T i miss hot steamboat like this

  4. not yet try this steamboat. Seldom go to SS2, but last week after movie went in the night 11pm to tapao so no check out where this shop exact location.

  5. my fav steamboat place..i wanna go again ler..

  6. omg i've yet to blog on this.. they do have very good variety of meat and different ingredients.

  7. wow... looks awesome and I love steam boat.....but wow.. got tomato soup and milk soup also... this is sure fascinating...

  8. A very interesting restaurant. Will try one day as they have so many good food!

  9. You made me so hungry with all the delicious food here. Price looks reasonable. Will try it out.

  10. Haha. KD one not so pack. Next time try Two Pesos at there. haha. I have try it last week.

  11. thanks for sharing!
    it is good to have it in small portion!
    going to try it soon!

  12. typical malaysian bad habit to sembang after eating which is rather inconsiderate when there is a long queue waiting to eat too! Should learn from the japanese, even premium food is a dine and go thing, no chit chat.

  13. That looks good. I love steamboat and agree that some steamboat buffet style are too expensive per head so this kinda price is more affordable.

  14. i have yet visited the place yet. the steamboat looks yummy! :D hehe

  15. My favourite is still the Mongolian Herbs soup base. I like two pesos because the portion is just right for me and quite reasonable price too.

  16. Been hearing so much about this restaurant, the foods look great, would like to try it out too :)


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