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Sunday, 14 June 2015


My so-called farewell to my brader /.\

To be honestly speaking, I'm having a major mixed feelings upon leaving: excited & nervous for my new challenges but at the same time, sad to leave this company which I've many fond, special memories with. It has been 2 days since my last day & here I am still in disbelieve mode that I'd already RESIGNED!!! I guess...it's always hard to leave your very first job?

If I were to say what's the thing I've bring along with from this company, it would be the friendship. Some of them are just being a colleague had become buddies, this kind of friendship is very rare, and I truly, truly appreciate to know them from kind of place!

I just want to say Thank You, for being there for me, through ups and downs, for listening all my pain, struggles, complains and share joys with me during my employment here! My journey in this company would not be the same without you guys!

As for my last week, here I thought I would have a pale, plain days till my last day. Little did I know that the colleagues were secretly planned out some surprises for me! Not trying to boast here but I just keep receiving gifts and lunch invitations every day till my last day lolol! I felt like a princess being manja by people around me! XD

I think I'm a very bless girl to have such an awesome colleagues around me. Don't know what have I done (except scolding them for keep asking me questions) to deserve all these treatments.

Thank you guys for the farewell wishes, gift, lunches and hugssss! I truly appreciated! :)

Before I sign off, here are some photos of my last employment week:

Farewell lunch at Kissaten. THAT pork burgerrrrrrrr!

The team treat me with this big portion of Phad Thai @ Piccadily

The farewell gifts which are more than I received on my birthday / Christmas!
#Doraemonnnn #Parker #SecretRecipe #Chocolatesss #Minionssss

Farewell lunch with one of my colleague @ Ah Pek Kopitiam, cooked by the most lengzai Chef in town kononnya...

The things I did on my last day:
Reminiscing the old times where I've to walk through this lorong to my workplace every single morning.

The good old days. Until now I still remember how my first day went on with this company. ^^

Surely I will miss my time here. Sad to leave, but it's time to move on.

To all my awesome colleagues, thank you for making who I am today! Here I'm to wish you all the best in your undertakings! =)

If there's a FATE between us, we will definitely meet again! I won't run away when I bump into you LOL!

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