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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dad's Fashionless Taste

Today is Father's Day!

As usual, excuse me I shall draw about my dad every Father's day since I barely talk about him.

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This shows that fashion doesn't comes to him at the first place when choosing the attires. Or maybe, all mens are like this?

I see most of my friends posting a picture of them with their father on FB. So I did it in other way, which is to draw in comic way. Make use of my skills lolol! Very special right? XD

Here I wish my best boyfriend in the world: Happy Father's Day! Stay healthy & wealthy! ^3^

Next time please get us to shop attires for you. That's a very lousy pink sock you're wearing!


  1. Enjoy your day with your boyfriend! :D

  2. Today church gave sock away as father's present ,hahaha

    1. What a coincident for my today's blog post with church's father's present!! XD Too bad I cannot get it on my dad's behalf. :P

  3. Happy Father's day to all Papa in this world!


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