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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Some U-Rated Movies to Share

Helllllo!!! Sorry for my snail updates as I've been busying with my own affair. I'm very eager to share my Penang trip but I've been caught up by many things out of sudden and when comes to the time to blog, I don't feel like blogging already! ~___~

Next time I just have to blog out EVERYTHING whenever I caught the right moment. 

Anyway, there are no new comics in hand so today Imma just sharing my reviews about these two U-rated, aka kiddie movies I've watched lately. Talking about word post, it's been a while I've done that. So this post make it special a bit lah! :D

#1 Stand by Me, Doraemon

Those who know me well, I'm a BIG fan of Doraemon! (Dare I even say I'm his no.1 Fans! Come to my house and I'll show you "The Proof"! =)) So if you were to ask me whether this movie is worth to watch or not, OF COURSE I WILL SAY YES! Even though the storyline were based solely from the comics. 

The whole concept of this movie is about how Nobita and Doraemon wish to be there for one another, together & forever. If you've read all the Doraemon comics, you already know how's the ending will turns out to be. (Like my case! XD)

The only let down of this movie is the characters are very different from the original. (As a Doraemon No.1 fan, I demand an original one! *ahem*) But overall, a good and entertaining movie that worth your money!

Ok maybe you think kiddie movie is not worth your money to spend. But how about THIS?

Prior to the release of this movie, the Cinema MBO decided to come out a combo package: Doraemon-body coke drink with a Doraemon head plastic popcorn container for only RM 22!!! *OMGing*

ISN'T THAT CUTE??? I mean, you can take back that Doraemon head back and do whatever you want with it!!

I know... it's MUCH expensive than the normal popcorn combo we can get at GSC but who cares it's DORAEMON!!! #takeallmymoney

This is what we call: Love can make us blind lolol! Hands down to all Malaysia's Cinema who serve the BEST popcorn in the world! It's even more tastier with the Doraemon container with it!

Me and Tyma carried this Doraemon-head popcorn container around the mall after the movie. We thought we were like a buay-paiseh adult still clings on this kiddie toys. Turns out that we manage to catch  people's interest around. There was this family approach us to ask where to get this for her children. I've also got the same question from my friends when I post this picture on my instagram.

So you see, they are lots of people out there loves Doraemon so Hurayyyyyy! Cheers for Doraemon!! ^___^

I think Crazygirl would hate reading this. Sorry Dah-Ling you just have to bear with my crazyness for a moment ya! *^____^*

OKOK I'm done! Back to my usual review:

Anfieldyee's Rating: 7.5/10
Predicted plot, but still funny and entertaining movie to watch. If you love Doraemon, you wouldn't mind watching this movie even if it's base solely from the Comics! 

#2 Cinderella

I never say NO to any kind of Disney movies. To me, they always produce the BEST movies around which close to my liking! As for this movie, all I can say is: WOW! Check out on those graphics! I wonder how much money they spent on to lift up the WOW-some scenes!

And also learn that "Cinder" is actually a partially or mostly burned piece of coal, wood lol!

Anyway, this movie is just a modify modern version of Cinderella story. Predicted storyline, got some ganjeong moments, nice graphic, and also a very lengzai Prince T_____T

Dreams do come true if you work hard on it, and believe it! 

Everyone loves a dream come true, fairy tale movie, no doubt that everyone would love to watch this kind of movie. But WHYYYYY is better than Kingsman? I thought Kingsman is a very perfect movie?

Anfieldyee's rating: 7.5/10
I only like the graphic and modern version part. Otherwise, it's just another Cinderella story. But still, it's a worth movie to watch if you're a fairy tale lover. 

Ok I'm done here. It's getting too late or else I'll be ended up late for work tomorrow! Actually I've  just watch another movie but this is not under U-Rated category. So, till next post then! =)

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