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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Happy Birthday 2015!

Today marks the day where I'm officially turning one year old wiser!

So here I am seating in front of the computer, blogging and waiting for those TNB guy to migrate my house's electric meter out from the store room and put it outside just because it's a requirement for them.

The day has yet to come to the end, but I forseen that there will be no surprise cake today, no surprise present, and maybe forget about my birthday (just woke up in the morning receive call from Mom & Sis to ask to do laundry -____-), simply because my family is not that type of surprise person. To them, birthday is just the date that we got older one year old. Or maybe, just another date to remember the most suffering date for my mom prior to giving birth to me years ago.

Anyway, I was totally fine with it. In fact, I'd like to spend this year's birthday to do what I like: EAT, SLEEP, DRAW! And blogging, which what I'm doing right now.

Perhaps, as we grew older, this kind of excitement has gone. There are many things to care for at this stage, that we are longer tend to prioritize birthday anymore. I used to think on birthday itself, I MUST celebrate! I MUST have my family to wish me (if not, it shows that they don't love me enough), I MUST have my friends to celebrate birthday for me (if not, it shows that they don't actually treat me as true friends), I MUST at least got birthday message (if not, it shows that people generally don't care me very much)!

But now all these are not important anymore. I feel even grateful when this year I'm able to spend my birthday with my family, I feel bless when there are impromptu birthday surprise from friends and colleagues, I feel love when reading all the text message my friends sent to me.

To me, birthday marks the date where I'm grateful that God has been protecting me for the past one year. And also the date where to do things that make yourself happy. I guess, these matters the most.

On this year's birthday wish, I hope I can become more healthier, a little more happier, have breakthrough in my life direction and experience more God's miracle in my life. Maybe not much in dream chasing but seeking God will be my first priority. 

Actually the other reason why am I not out for celebration is because I've got a boil grow on my right cheek, again! T____T (my dayre post here). So much so for my birthday lol!

But that's just a small matter which can be cure in the short term. As long as I'm not suffering from serious ill, I'm forever grateful for that. 

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