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Saturday, 14 March 2015

How to prevent Dengue Fever?

Of course there are other prevention like using mosquito net, stay away from heavily populated resident etc. I'm just summarize the general here =)

The recent rise of Dengue case is alarming. I even had two friends got admitted recently due to Dengue. O____O Do take good care of yourselves, including me too LOL. Really hope the dengue case will not be as severe as what we thought to be, and also praying for my friend as well.

In case you are "not so lucky" (aka kena dengue) and have to pay a visit to the hospital (touch wood), always, ALWAYS remember there are three ways for you to fight against Dengue:

#1 Drink Plenty of water (like 3 litres a day? Even the fever could leave you instantly! I can testify this!)
#2 Drink plently of 100 plus (I don't know why but this is one of the ways the doctor will suggest. Anyone?)
#3 And drink papaya leave (Never tried before but a way recommended by many people, why ar?)

OK continue my hunt for Mosquitos~!! *KEEEEEEEEL Arrrrrr*

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