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Saturday, 21 March 2015

How my phone got snatch away?

Yeah I know I can play the bad guy, snatch the phone away violently,
or get his mom to scold him and I can have my phone back!

But why didn't I think of this at the first place huh? #sillygirlproblem

Anyway, in case you are wondering what kind of game that me and my couzy got hook on, it's call CROSSY ROAD:

If this is the first time you heard about this game, basically is to assists the animals crossing the road without getting hit by the transportation.

It may sounds like another kind of boring game but it's not as easy to race with your own scores. My highest score at the moment is 80 steps (with the couzy's help LOL) whereas sis is already reach 99 levels (!!!).

It reminds me of flappy bird game so you can get an idea of it's not those toodle/kids played that kind of game you know what I mean?

Playing with the pig my couzy "bought" for me. It has the CUTEST sounds I've ever heard so far!! #IMO

I must say the couzy is very smart lor, know how to use all my coins and went on buying those new pets before I knew there was this kind of functions exist! -_-
To me, all animals are the same except the noise they make. Some are so-darn-cute!!

This is how you earn your coins, after your animals got hit by a car / jump into the river / got caught by the eagles (basically is to get them killed first, earn later):

1) Watch an ad video - 20 coins
2) Got free coins - amount is random but it's more than 70 coins

You need exactly 100 coins to buy a new pet!

My next purchase was a fish!

Out of curiousity, I use it to cross the road! 
(Thought fish cannot live without water??)

But it was too slow and got caught away by the eagles!

Did experiments to let the fish jump into the river and what I've got is GAME OVER! -_-

They have this "shot of the moment" where the game will help you snap the moment your pet kena killed. Above this picture shows how my fish got kill by a taxi -_-||

If you have more than one pets, you can choose which pet to use to cross the road!

Some environment will change according to your pet's characteristic.


If you feel bored of those existing games, perhaps you can try this one!

And if you are worried that this game will get you hook up until you went to bed at late night, not to afraid so as there's no level involved. You just have to beat your own scores!

And also don't let the kids know you are playing this game! You'll probably ended up just like me. T_____T
(Unless you wanna be the bad guy?)


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